Saturday Afternoon in my Studio

Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 7:46 PM

The week started with me celebrating my 51st birthday with a drive to my favorite art store in Irvine, Ca....Sterling Art where I picked up a few supplies and treated myself to a moleskine sketchbook and watercolor book.
On Thursday I joined a weekly open studio class at the Riverside Art Museum where I hope to improve as a watercolorist. Our instructor had us do a landscape using only 2 complimentary colors. I choose orange and blue. Then the "homework" assignment is to do it again using any colors we want. I haven't begun that one yet.
I am finishing this week in my studio doing the weekly drawing thread for the Wet Canvas web site. I have been enjoying the art work I see there by some wonderful artists who are inspiring me to pick up the pencils and paint brushes once again.
This week's challenge was most difficult and I was not looking forward to it. But now that I am done I really like it and when I set it against a black mat, I might be inspired to frame it!


  1. MrsSnowy Says:

    I envy you your weekly watercolour class - it is just what I long for. This is a terrific picture. Lovely design and drama. I look forward to you posting some watercolours here.

  2. hey gf... I like it but didn't know you were into the fantasy thing... hahaha... I should be writing lectures but am procrastinating. Have fun.

  3. Desiree Says:

    Hi there, nice to see that you are doing the WC weekly challenges,it really makes such a difference. I look forward to seeing you at the plein-aire group meetings. Tell me more about the weekly class, I am so interested in something close. I love your blog and think you will enjoy it too. Dianne

  4. mARTa Says:

    Hi Robyn, thank you for stopping by. I do plan to put up some wc what if they aren't all that good! I have really enjoyed browsing your site. i am envious of YOU! I should have been born Italian because I fell in love with Italy the moment I set foot there. marta

    Hey GF...thanks for peeking! No, I didn't care for this drawing but it actually was fun to do. Thanks for always cheering me on! love ya, me

    Diane...hey you found me! Come join me on Thursdays. The class is 2 weeks into a 16 wk course. No instruction but guidance. It's from 1 to 3:30p on thurs. at the museum. I can only go every other so I'll be missing this week Call me! marta

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