Sea Shell

Friday, June 12, 2009 at 6:15 PM

Sea Shell, originally uploaded by martasart.

Just a quick watercolor sketch of my constant model: a sea shell. I think I'm going to take the schminke watercolor box with me on the road trip because I have more colors in it than the W&N travel one.


  1. Joan Says:

    Beautiful shading on the seashell. Love the squash blossom below too. Have fun on your trip!!!

  2. laura Says:

    A seashell is a great "constant model"--with their curves and subtle coloration, you can study them endlessly.
    Love your light, pulsing version!

  3. Linda Says:

    Beautiful! Do you love your schminke watercolors better than your Winsor Newtons?

  4. mARTa Says:

    Thank you all! Linda, I actually have different brands of paint (all artist grade) in both boxes. It's just that my W&N travel box hold only about 12 half pans while my small metal schminke holds about 30+. So more choices with that one. I mostly own w&n and schminke wc. have some Holbein, Dan Smith and cheap joe's also.

  5. Have fun on the road trip and keep us informed with your cute iphone!

  6. Love the colors you've brought out of your shell. It glows!

    Hope you have a lovely trip!

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