mARTa is going to Europe

Monday, September 24, 2007 at 5:18 PM
I am 2 weeks away from a long anticipated trip to Europe with my husband Rudy and two of our children: Adam and Amy. We leave October 9th and the kids return later in the month, Rudy and I are there till November 2nd.

How to pack for a month long trip:
I only carry my Swiss Army (carry on) backpack with wheels and it's detachable day pack. I take a purse as well. That's it! I only pack it 1/2 full to save room for some small purchases while I travel.
I am a firm believer that you should only take what you can comfortably run with......anything more is unnecessary. Now...........what goes inside my backpack..........(to be continued)




  1. This is ALL you're taking MArta? Does it all fit into your backpack? I have to get you to pack for me! You can actually leave the soap and sjampoe and get that when you land here in europe and then leave it behind.
    Enjoy packing, we're waiting for you!!

  2. Anita Says:

    OMG...You are joking right?
    I wish I could be as decisive, I start off well and then throw extras in at the last minute. I would take this much for a weekend away!

  3. mARTa Says:

    Really...I think I mastered the art of packing years ago...and I REALLY do only take this much, even less in the pack since I wear one of the slacks, shirt, coverup sweater, shoes and carry my coat on the plane. I do get the '20 questions' at the airport from suspicious airline agents wondering how a woman can take so little!

  4. shirley Says:

    I'm in a state of shock! While I only take one 22 inch suitcase and one carryon, I still have 10 times what you picture here. Really impressive.... Have a FABULOUS trip and send us lots of great sketches.

  5. Jana Bouc Says:

    I LOVE these sketches and I'm so envious of your trip! At first I thought you were saying you always bring your Swiss Army knife (something I always carry and have had to replace it several times when I forgot to remove it and it set off alarms and was taken away from me at airports).

  6. Wanda Says:

    Marta: Yesterday I bought my watercolor sketch pad, and began my sketching and watercoloring journal. I will post pages from time to time. But not today, for I did a reality picture of me standing on my scales in my nightgown and it's not a pretty sight...but it's truthful..I thought if I could be honest in my drawings as I am in my journaling, it may be the beginning of a good journey... and hopefully, I can sketch a slimmer me a few months down the road!
    I just want to say thank you for the inspiration!!!
    You are the BEST!

  7. Linda Says:

    I love your packing philosophy. Hmmm... maybe I'll try to practice it on our next trip! I hope you have a wonderful time!

  8. Wow! So smart. I was proud I actually wore everything I took this time... but boy, I took more than you... and it was "only" to New England... not any place where the climate might vary much. Do you stop and do laundry all the time or just rough it?

  9. Robyn Says:

    Oh Marta, I'm so impressed! I'll probably pack almost that much for my one hour trip to Florence to meet you! ;) 12.30pm, October 20!

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