Everyday is my birthday!

Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 9:08 AM
New art supplies
Officially I came into the world the evening of January 21, 1956.  So tomorrow night I will be 52 years old.  I don't feel 52 because I play like I'm 12 and feel like I'm 35.  Not bad huh?  This year my birthday began on Thursday when Dianne and Dawn treated me to presents and dinner before the Life Drawing session.  Yesterday was the only day Rudy and I had off together so he took me to Sterling Art for a shopping spree! I bought gouache which I have been wanting to play with, some more pads of bristol board and lots of pencils.  I also bought some colored inks to experiment with.  He then took me out for a nice long lunch.  Today my niece (Annie's mother) is making me a cake.  I'm sure they will sing Happy Birthday and I'll get to blow out candles!   I just might continue the celebration a few more days!  

EDM #154
limones en lapis
lemons in pencil on bristol board
limones en lapis copy
I added some color in photoshop

limones en lapis ink on acetate
ink on acetate


  1. Felicity Says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your prezzies! Wow, I would never have guessed the lemons were coloured in Photoshop!

  2. PamYla Says:

    Hi Marta and Happy Birthday! Your lemons look great! I also enjoyed the rest of your blog entries, you are a very talented woman..great studio too!! Now, thats my dream! Have a great day!
    Psst 53 is really 12 anyway didn't you know :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Marta. Glad you are having such a good time. That is what keeps you young!

  4. E-J Says:

    Nice lemons! I would have guessed coloured pencil rather than Photoshop (having no idea how to achieve such an effect myself!) as it's skilfully done, but actually I prefer the monochrome version. Very delicate.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Birthday, Marta. Since I somehow turned 60 last March, I know exactly what you're saying. Age is simply a number. Enjoy your special day.
    I love your lemons. They look so real.

  6. Anita Davies Says:

    Hey Marta, 52, young at heart AND great lemons!...Can't be bad huh! ;)
    Have a fabulous day!

    I've added you as a star post on my blog! :)

  7. Wendee Says:

    Oh look at those goodies! Happy Birthday!!

  8. ¡¡¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MARTA!!!!! Ya es 21 por acá, así que puedo saludarte! Te deseo todo todo lo mejor y que pases un día maravilloso. Un beso grandote, Martín.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Marta que Cumplas muchos mas y recuerda cada que te pregunten cuantos años tienes solo di...Cuantos necesitas,

  10. bec Says:

    Happy Birthday from someone else who was born in 1956! -- Nov. actually.
    Your lemons are lovely and I love seeing 3 different versions. Fabulous orange pencil drawing a few post below too!

  11. Sharon Says:

    I'm a believer in dragging birthdays out. I had a friend who insisted on a birthday WEEK - a gift a day. I think she was on to something. Anyway, happy birthday Marta! Here's to another year of spreading art joy around...

  12. laureline Says:

    Happy birthday, Marta! You're all set with your new supplies---they look great. Hope your celebration was wonderful and that you ate lots of yummy cake!

  13. Robyn Says:

    Those inks look so juicy. And I'm glad to see you are squeezing every drop of pleasure out of your birthday, Marta. What a great gift - being let loose in an art store. Other husbands please take note.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday from a fellow Aquarian and Happy Blog Birthday too! Looks like you're having fun. the gouache experiments look great and so does that meal you made on Valentines day. Hope the same trend continues through the year.

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