Crayon Fix

Monday, March 26, 2007 at 5:22 PM

OK, so what do you do when you are in an art funk? You go get a crayon fix! I went out and bought the biggest box of Crayola Crayons I could find. Then I realized that it was perfect for this week's EDM Challenge #112: Draw something fresh. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that compares to the smell of a freshly opened box of crayons! I am coming out of my funk!


  1. Sandy Says:

    Marta - what fun and Yes So Very Fresh!! You captured the essence of great potential in this sketch - bravo.

  2. phthaloblu Says:

    So glad you're out of your funk. This is such a fun, wonderful drawing. I like the smell of fresh crayons, too!

  3. oh AWESOME! What a fantastic idea! :) Nothing like the smell of a brand new box of crayons... brings back childhood memories!

  4. Lin Says:

    WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!! AND you're so right -- that smell of fresh crayons, clean paper -- and fall all seem to go together!! Can't pass up any of those!

  5. MrsSnowy Says:

    Now what are crayons? Are they oil based - if so I can remember the smell. Lovely lively painting - I can't think of much I like more than new art supplies.

  6. mARTa Says:

    If only I could have included the smell in the post.....smell-a-blog? Robyn crayons are wax based. I also bought a child's color book for when my grand niece comes over to play.

  7. Brenda Y Says:

    What a perfect solution when in an art funk. . . go back to your "roots" with crayons!!! You're absolutely correct, there's just something about the smell of a new box of crayons. Btw, have you seen this crayon artist:

  8. Damien Says:

    Hi Marta - I've been out of touch, without the superblog! You've got some lovely work here - and this one is a lot of fun.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    sorry that was me, Casey, not Damien!

  10. platitudinal Says:

    Marta, you have depicted the meaning of fresh. I love crayons (carry them in my bag all the time) so this drawing speaks to me straight to the heart. I agree with everything you wrote about a freshly opened box of crayons.

    *I’m glad you are coming out of your funk!

  11. Yes, I agree, they do have a smell of their own..almost a "fun time- smell"!
    Nice rendering of a new box of Crayolas!

  12. Mary Ellen Says:

    Really great job! I love fresh crayon smell. I even have a box at work (my work is not even remotely "art friendly"). You can't believe the number of people who migrate to the box, fiddle with the crayons, talk about the smell and otherwise wistfully carry on once they've seen the box. I think there is magic mojo in every box! Cheers! Mary Ellen

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