Self Portrait or (EDM#110) Draw a Flame?

Saturday, March 17, 2007 at 9:08 AM

I pondered all week: draw a candle, a fireplace, a brush fire or perhaps a lit match and then I recalled being about 3 years old and standing in front of the stove watching the flame from my grandmother's stove as it heated a pot of coffee. I remember her bustling around in the kitchen preparing the cups and saucers while her friends waited in the living room all the while warning me not to get too close to the stove as I stood there mesmerized. I didn't get close but when she had the cups on the table filled with hot coffee I pulled myself up to see the contents and spilled one on me. Oh I remember that hot liquid on me but fortunately it hit my clothes and she quickly yanked them off of me! I call it Self portrait or draw a flame because aside from the story, that's my reflection smack in the middle of this little sketch as I sat in front of the stove this morning waiting for the pot to boil.


  1. Linda Says:

    Great drawing! And yikes! what a fortunate escape!

  2. Susan Hosken Says:

    Loved reading your story that went with the flame. Lots of love from Susan in Australia

  3. Sandy Says:

    Oh Marta, I LOVE this sketch and the accompanying story, LOVE IT!! Funny I almost did the stove flame too! - We think alike - (and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog too)

  4. This is really cool! :)

  5. Great memory the childs eye view of the stove....great job

  6. Nice drawing with nice memories..

  7. phthaloblu Says:

    Great subject and sketch! I loved the story too.

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