Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 6:05 PM

This is one I am proud of. Did I do this? I hope Sam's mama likes it as much as I do. I just couldn't let this one go....I wanted it to be right and spent the afternoon just letting the watercolor lead me into the painting process. I think the "it's just paper" and "don't make it such a big deal" has worked here....aside from being a loose control..always in control! LOL


  1. Linda Says:

    Oh my yes -- I like this one better! So very very wonderful!

  2. Teri C Says:

    it is just gorgeous and so full of personality.

  3. Lin Says:


  4. Brenda Y Says:

    I really liked the first one. . . but the second is FABULOUS!!

  5. Deborah Says:

    This is absolutely delicious! I'm sure his mommy is going to love it. We must get together for a sketchcrawl soon.

  6. phthaloblu Says:

    Yes, this one is definitely the better of the two. I love his expression! Wonderful, wonderful portrait.

  7. pedalpower Says:

    Yes this one is better and oh so beautiful...his mama is going to be thrilled!

  8. Ujwala Says:

    you've captured the wide eyed innocent look soooo well. fabulous!

  9. Ginger Says:

    Hi Marta: I'm sorry I missed you at Elin's. I was actually there that day, just earlier. I like this portrait very much . . . Looking forward to meeting you sometime. It's nice to see another watercolorist doing plein air.

  10. This is truly wondeful. Your friend will love it, and you should be really proud.

  11. I just adore this portrait so much I HAD to comment! It's absolutely amazing! Definitely like the second one best - though both are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  12. jill Says:

    just gorgeous. what mama wouldn't just love to have that beautiful keepsake hanging up to show off? great job!

  13. What a marvelous painting...shes GOT to love it...great job....and love the others too

  14. MrsSnowy Says:

    You made the right decision, Marta. I thought the first portrait was very good. This one is terrific! What did 'Mum' say?

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