Monday, August 13, 2007 at 8:26 PM
"Devin", water soluble graphite in rebound sketchbook

I am really enjoying the water soluble graphite sticks. This is a sketch of one of my other little ones, Devin. Unlike Nicole whose mama can't be with her all the time; Devin's mama rarely leaves his side. He is such a vocal little man who entertains us with his jabbering. Him and I share his Cherrios in the mornings; me pretending to steal them from his tray and he laughs when he has caught me plopping one in my mouth! Both of parents are wonderful people and I enjoy them as much as their precious little boy. They have had so much to deal with this past year with his illness (leukemia) and still have a long battle ahead of them. Their love and constant vigilance with their son is beyond admirable. Often we only think of the children going through cancer but in reality, this is a disease of a family.


  1. Lin Says:

    Marta ... your tender heart shows with each stroke ... and loving rendering... what a gift of your spirit and your art ...

  2. Aaw - how beautiful!

  3. Sandy Says:

    Marta, what a wonderful painting. Do you share with the parents when you do one...? I also enjoy reading about the child too...and the parents. sandy

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