New Sketchbook

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 9:19 AM
Do I really have to finish the last one before beginning this one? I might wait till Sept. 1st to begin this I've a bit more sketching in the old one first! I got a great idea from one of the blog artist I discovered this morning, Lee-Roy. He followed Martha's instructions for rebinding a moleskine planner but also said he had pre-cut pages that he had sketched on to rebind later. This sounds like a great idea for me who likes to pack light. I can take the pre-cut pages and then rebind when I get home.

August2007 005August2007 003
I put in a few glassine pages with the watercolor paper.

August2007 002August2007 004
inside front cover and back covers with clear envelope to hold blank postcards
August2007 001
Finished sketchbook with bookbinding cloth and reptile paper for cover


  1. oh... now I get it. I took a look at Lee-Roy's photos of how he rebound-ed (?) his moleskine. I have a little better understanding of how its done, now. Thx

  2. Claudia Says:

    Muy bien hecho, Marta! No, no tienes que esperar hasta haber terminado el viejo librito...ándale, empiezale ya!;-))

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