Monday S&T

Monday, August 27, 2007 at 8:19 AM
This past week has been fun and exciting in our family. Yesterday my niece Allison got married to her sweetheart Charles and they became Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jones. We have all been hanging out together at my sister's house helping put wedding favors together, practicing makeup techniques and in general being a family. The wedding went off beautifully and a good time had by all......including my husband Rudy.
My show and tell this week is Rudy; the love of my life. Allison and Charles have a one year old; Aidan who just loves Rudy but tolerates me. Yesterday Rudy dressed the little boy for his parents wedding, he danced with him in his arms, he even took him to the men's room for diaper changes. Rudy will someday be a great grandpa! He is also a great dad and him and my Amy have this private joke between them: he dances to "I like big butts...." for her whenever she comes to visit. Yesterday she asked the DJ to play 'Baby Got Back' and we coerced him to dance. Please enjoy as we all did.


  1. Sandy Says:

    hahhaa..tell Rudy he did great...And I wonder, is he for hire....?!? haha.

    He looks like a guy with a great sense of humor and fun...

    great show and tell...


  2. What fun!!! And 'yay' for Rudy for getting up there, too!

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