Mug Series: Christmas no. 1

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at 9:02 AM
Mug Series: Christmas_no.1

Around the beginning of December my mother would announce that there would be no Christmas tamales.  They were too much work for just one evening's celebration.  The rest of us would plead her to reconsider for it would not be Christmas without her tamales.  I think now she just wanted us to beg for there never was a year without tamales.  
I begin December usually agonizing about getting the house ready for the holiday.  I don't really like to decorate and the tree....oh agony for me to decorate.  When my mother was alive she'd come over to decorate it and over the past few years I get friends to come do it.  But tamale making.....I look forward to the event.  For me the real party is the gathering of my family and friends who come help make them.  I am already excited about having new friends come join us this year and join in the fun!
So this morning while the air is still crisp and the neighborhood is just beginning to awaken; I am sipping my morning brew in a holiday mug and wondering who I need to invite to come help me this year.


  1. I love these coffee cup drawings you've been doing. You should frame them and hang them all in a row.

  2. Linda Says:

    :-) I love the Christmas mug! And Christmas Tamales -- yum ... will you be sharing the recipe? (hint hint)

  3. I love your mugs! And like I said before...I'm excited about the next one, especially when I see a promising no 1, which means there are many more to come? Hope your spirit has lifted?

  4. Martha Says:

    I love all the mugs! I could see a grid of maybe 9 of them, framed together on a wall. Hint, hint :)

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