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Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 4:48 PM
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Lots has happened in the past week.  None of it good.  Must be that black cloud over my head.  The worst of it was my wallet being stolen from my nursing bag while at work last week.  I asked my friend Dianne if the Quilt Group Christmas party at her house last week, could be a 'pity party' for me but she said  "NO!"   I haven't been in the mood to draw either although I carry my pen, sketchbook and travel paint set with me everywhere; just in case the dark cloud lifts.  So today I decided to change my focus (poor me) and dive in and do some remodeling of the studio.  It's begun to get that cluttered look about it and I hate clutter.  I took everything off bookcases in the closet and emptied it out.  In that space I am put a little sofa bed which we bought at IKEA today.  I am going to make it a little haven for me and of course it will now double as a guest room as well.  I just need a hot plate and with the bathroom down the hall; it's right cozy!  So, anyone want to come visit me?


  1. I'll come! I could use a little California sunshine right now. I'm so sorry your wallet was stolen - what a pain in the neck. But I think straightening out your studio is a great way to deal with these moments - now I need to do the same.

  2. Sorry about your wallet. PITA, indeed. And at this time of year, one may carry more cash, and be less "able" to do without. Your sublimation and remodel, though sets a VERY good example. I don't LIKE clutter... it likes me.

  3. Sandy Says:

    OK I can come too, like Casey I would like some sunshine, as the huge snow storm that hit the midwest is heading for us- The wallet is a Bummer for sure, but maybe someone needed $$ to keep from snapping - (ok, now don't you snap - sketch instead :)Keep the faith girl!

  4. Anita Says:

    ME ME ME!
    I'll even throw a pity party for you on arrival!
    Hugs from England Marta, hope that clouds parts company with you real soon.

  5. hola marta, i'm so sorry about your wallet and hope the dark cloud is all gone by the time you read this. if it wasn't for the kiddos my wife and I would jump on a plane to SoCal any second!

  6. Wendee Says:

    Sorry about your wallet. That happened to me a few years back and it really just rattled me. Ugh!
    The new space looks great, though. I'll come help make sure it gets put to good use! :) I can't imagine where you put all the stuff from the bookcase. If only I could pull off that vanishing/organization act in my own office ... (sigh)

  7. Quilt Knit Says:

    Hi! Marta: Sorry, about the wallet. I buy a $89.00 dollar travel ticket monthly. Well, some of my Pod partners are not very nice. A couple of them instigate trouble. Lasers pens on computer screen, lifting do dads off your computer, and I think this time my travel ticket. I carry a back pack, (everyone hates it) (Field and Stream, brown) I have a 90 minute commute. Well, I kept my ticket in the top pocket of my backpack with my ID. I know it was in there. I had just looked at it and went on break. Yep! back from the bathroom not gone but a about four minutes, top of backpack open - Travel ticket gone.
    Also, if it helps My Father had a horrible car accident, do to a stroke. He has has a second stroke. I am told He looks good for a person who has had two strokes. I have been told the left side of His brain is damaged.
    I was sent a TEXT message only! Some week.
    Oh, the snow storm, they sent everyone home at the same time and We were LWOP ( no pay for state of emergency) at 02:00 pm and I did not get home till after 06:30pm on a bus the whole time. I just finished sweeping the snow off the porch, about 14 inches in deepest parts.

    OH, I am ready to come and have my own Coffer Cup with rich dark warm coffee. Your space is so cozy.

    ((( Circle of Hugs )))

    Sherrie Go to go out in the snow now. Later

  8. Natalie Ford Says:

    I'd love to come and visit you but I bet you are a long way away from me. Your studio is awesome!

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