Aloe Vera

Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 5:07 PM

Aloe Vera, originally uploaded by mmvgonzales.

I am feeling down today. Normal for what has come to pass. I got dressed to go run but sacked out on the couch instead. Then vowed to get to the gym, but can't seem to get there either. I took a long nap even though I slept well last night. I picked up some knitting I had put down months ago and listened to an audio book while I knit. Then I went to sit on the patio withmy  moleskine wc sketchbook in hand, when I saw the neglected flower pots. The only survivor was the aloe vera plant. It reminded me it's time to begin the healing.


  1. Sherry Says:

    If you can't work out, take a walk. Sleep as much as you need. Water those plants. Find a happy movie. Draw a little. Be good to yourself. People are thinking of you and wishing you well.

  2. I'm with Sherry: Take your time. Pace yourself. And if you need sleep, allow it. Grieving is exhausting and takes LOTS of energy. With warm regard. (And Aloes don't grow all that fast, do they?!!)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Marta, listen to your body. You need time to rejuvenate. You will rise up like the Phoenix. When dealing with painful losses, I found these activities to be both healing and therapuetic. We are all thinking about you and will keep you in prayers.

  4. Teri C Says:

    This is a good first start to feeling better. Express yourself, walk and take it easy while you heal.


  5. Sandy Says:

    very poignant - one must grieve before one can heal, sweet post - my heart goes out to you all.

  6. Quilt Knit Says:

    It takes the Heart a little time to accept, such a shock. So, much disappointment, too much what If, and too much of why Us, But you have us, Rest is great! It lets the mind reckon with the Heart. After all, it has to adjust, You have Our Prayers, and Grand wishes, Have a great Summer.
    I am almost getting my New adventure: Working from Home. I am feeling the stress go away.

    (( Circle of Healing Hugs )))
    Sherrie Roberts

  7. Linda Says:

    Marta -- I'm just now reading about your family's tragedy. I'm so sorry for all of you -- it's no wonder that you feel like kind of just sitting down for a bit. Your family, and especially the children, will be in my prayers.

  8. Deborah Says:

    Yes, Marta time to start healing. One foot in front of the other. Healing thoughts coming your way.

  9. Ai Says:

    Marta, I am sure that sometimes we all need a special break either for our body or our mind. When we are experiencing emotional event may be our body and mind can link together and ask us to keep things slow. I hope you get a good needed rest. Your sketch is always lovely. And just look at the beautiful little plant, it can heal us all with its hidden mighty power.


  10. Desiree Says:

    Marta, so much to deal with these days. Hugs, we will have a good cry and healing time on Tuesday! Bring your suit so we can cool off!

  11. juj Says:

    the aloe (beautifully drawn I might add) is also a resilient plant. take all the time you need.

  12. Sandy Says:

    (((Marta))), time helps...I can't imagine how you must be feeling, well I can, but one can never totally.

    beautiful painting.

  13. Judybec Says:

    plants and flowers are like that... they remind us that time passes and none of us are here forever.
    It's a beautiful drawing Marta.

  14. Anita Davies Says:

    ((Healing hugs))

  15. Mim Says:

    I just came over here to see your new stuff and read about your family tragedy. I'm so sorry for your family and for those children. I'm sure you will express yourself in your artwork, and begin that healing process.
    Peace and prayers to your family and especially those beautiful children.

  16. Serena Says:

    Sending healing vibes your way, Marta, and still keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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