Daylily, watercolor and pastel

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 12:12 PM
day_lily copy

8x8 inch Cold pressed 140lb. lanaquarelle

My sister came over the other day and I showed her this day lily that I had spotted growing randomly in my yard. It had wilted and I was disappointed I hadn't painted it. But there were a few other buds on it.
She said, "that's why they are called day lillies......they only last a day (duffus..she didn't say that but implied it)"
Today I wandered outside and thought I would check out that random visitor in my yard. It had a present for me, just like a good friend had told me each day was; a Present. I will take these gifts and take each day at a time. This will be matted and framed so I can use it as a reminder, along with a poem my friend sent me:

Yesterday is History
Tomorrow a Mystery
Today's the Gift from God
That's why it's called The Present.

I will be off work for awhile to take care of me. I have begun.


  1. Sandy Says:

    Oh Marta, you make me cry - what a lovely reminderthis is of the daily gifts of beauty we all receive but rarely savor.

  2. It's a beautiful rendering of the lily and a beautiful reminder that each day is a present.

  3. I'm thinking that your paintings will make a chronicle of your self-care, grieving and healing. This is lovely.

  4. This is so beautiful - just like you are, Marta. I'm really glad to know you.

  5. Teri C Says:

    Marta, this is so beautiful and a good step toward healing. I hope your self time does lots of good. I will miss you.

  6. what a great watercolor and poem, i love it!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    the lily is beautiful. get well soon!

  8. Sharon Says:

    This is stunning - lovely color. I hope you are soon feeling better, Marta. Know that kind thoughts are sent your way.

  9. Linda Says:

    Marta -- the painting and the poem are so perfectly matched!! Good for you for taking a little special care of yourself for a bit.

  10. Sandy Says:

    Beautiful colors!

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