Joshua Tree NP Hike

Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 7:28 PM

Joshua Tree NP hike, originally uploaded by martasart.

On this last day of the year, the decade; I thought a nice long hike would be a great way to finish out the year. Aside from 2 surgeries this year and the minor aches and pains of growing older; it has been a good year. I find myself very blessed with family, friends and health.

So here's to a New Year, the second decade of the 21st century and to a long and happy life! May you all be blessed this coming year!

Joshua Tree NP hike


  1. Anonymous Says:

    These are lovely sketches and the National Park stamp really adds extra interest.

  2. Joan Says:

    Happy New Year!!! It has been a joy to visit your blog and see what you are painting and where you are going. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  3. Linda Says:

    Beautiful sketches of the park, Marta! Wishing you the best of years in 2010c.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Marta, I'm so happy to have remembered to visit here. I love hiking and my husband and I are hitting the trails again after months of not much activity. Joshua Tree looks like a perfect place to go. Love your sketches. I think I'm a bit more inspired today after visiting here. Hope your new year is wonderful.

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