Flash, the wolf-dog

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 6:38 PM

Flash is a wolf dog.  I was told that Flash had free reign of the neighborhood of cabins in Tres Ritos, NM.   On my first day at the New Mexico cabin Grace wanted to show me the creek and to try my hand at skipping stones with her.  On our way there Flash saw us and barked as we came close.  He soon ran over to us to check me out.  We immediately became best friends and he decided to join us on our excursion.  

While Grace and I sat and sketches the wildflowers, Flash roamed the area, ever our protector.  Once he was sure the area was safe and free of BEARS, he came and plopped himself down right next to me (smashing the flowers I was sketching).  He sat until we were finished and then walked us back to the cabin, ever a gentleman, seeing us safely home.

I sketched this in charcoal from a photo I took of Flash when he sat next to me.  I am hoping to get it into a mat soon and send it to Flash's owner, Shirley.  
Flash, the wolf dog


  1. Ai Says:

    This is wonderful sketch Marta. He does look like the gentle protector all the ladies need. This should be a great gift.

  2. Teri C Says:

    Beautiful child and the dog looks like a great protector. Your gift is beautiful and from the heart!

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