Skipping Stones

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 5:52 PM

On our first day at the cabin Grace and I went for a walk to the creek.  She wanted to show me how she skipped stones in the water and I gave it a try also.  Once we'd exhausted our supply of small flat stones I sat to do some sketching.  Of course I had extra supplies along in case Grace wanted to sketch; which she did


We sat in a clump of wild geraniums and choose those for our subject.  We used the scrap wc paper I had brought along for her and my travel set of Neocolours.  We quickly lost ourselves in conversation while we sketched.  The wolf-dog that had accompanied us on our walk finally came and plopped himself down next to me.  I had a new friend.

DSC00083geranium DSC00081


  1. Sandy Says:

    What a perfect day and perfect companions - and the peace for a serene sketch!!! These journal pages will bring you the same peace 'whenever needed' glad you

  2. Deborah Says:

    Beautiful place and I'm sure a wonderful memory. Sketching with young people is always so enchanting.

  3. Teri C Says:

    What a perfect day! I love sketching with my grands too.

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