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Friday, July 27, 2007 at 3:00 PM
Before I settle back and begin to browse my friend's blogs and spend some time commenting; I want to thank those of you who stopped by, left a comment and enjoyed my musings from Newport Beach, California. Rudy and I spent just a few short days there but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had fun bike riding and were in utter disbelief that we hadn't forgotten how to! We bought nice steaks and grilled and ate all our veggies. We went for walks and window shopped on Balboa Island and had margaritas and cerveza near the pier at Cabo Cantina. We walked the pier, ate at Ruby's one day and spent time lying on the beach soaking up sunshine and smelling ocean breezes. I got lots of opportunities to sketch as we rode our bikes past 2 to 3 million dollar cottages (unbelievable), rode the ferry to the peninsula or just lounged at our campsite....and yes, the days ended blissfully under the soft down comforter......darn, we had to come home today because we both work tomorrow!!!!

ps: I couldn't resist and got my iphone 2 weeks ago. I LOVE IT!!!!! Not only am I always 'connected' but it takes pretty good photos which I can send right to the blog. Typing is a bit tricky but I'm getting faster! And of course I love the 'big' screen for watching video and tv shows. I love to listen to books and music too.... it is just an awesome little gadget!!!!!
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July2007 037 Newport Beach, California


  1. Deborah Says:

    I am so glad you shared your wonderful vacation. Looks like you had a grand time and your sketches are great! Next time you come to OC let me know, I would still like to connect with you for a visit and some sketching. Awesome!

  2. Linda Says:

    Way cool! :-)

  3. Sandy Says:

    Love all your sketches and it sounds like you had The Best Time!! I was so envious of you and your phone I got one yesterday (always live the hi tech toys) It is all set and synced and loaded BUT I cannot get it connected to our home WiFi - bummer, always something!!Have a great week!

  4. juj Says:

    Thanks for sharing your great sketches of your trip - it looks like you had such a wonderful time. And I have to say I'm in a complete state of envy over your iPhone - oh to be able to carry your mac in your pocket...

  5. Jana Bouc Says:

    Ooooh, you're making me want one all over again (iphone). Some of the reviews made it sound not so great but it looks like you're making very good use of yours. I'm jealous! Is the data plan expensive?

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