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Monday, July 16, 2007 at 1:18 PM

I'm not sure if there is a theme to follow or just post what ever you feel like posting on Mondays. Sandy of Sandy's Monday Show and Tell has this Monday thing going on so I thought I'd participate this week...since it's Monday. This is a self portrait I did about 10 years ago from linoleum block that I carved. I carved 3 separate blocks for each color and then carefully inked them and pressed each one being careful to line them all up correctly. It was a fun project and I've gotten lots of use out of this image. I really should track down the linoleum blocks and maybe print up a few more!


  1. Sandy Says:

    Hi Marta. So glad you joined in. This is a wonderful sharing but heck, what a lot of work this looks like!! Was it easy. How talented you are!!

    I just love coming to your blog.


    p.s. If anybody else wants to do show and tell on's a no theme so far...

    The link to it is on my main blog....

    Would love to see more sharings by people.

    Thanks so much Marta for joining in. I'm still shaking my head on all the work this must have took; to carve, press,

  2. Hey Marta... glad to see you've done a show-and-tell. I like it. And how interesting, too. I feel kind of dumb because at first I couldn't see you. DUH... then I saw the eyes. (I hadn't looked at the whole thing, just at the top part.) Of course, now I'm wondering if its really necessary to share my stupidity. hahahaha

  3. BJ Says:

    Hi Marta! It was nice of you to join in this week. I love what you posted! I'm with Sandy though. This must have been so much work. You will learn by reading about me that I have no artistic ability. So, when my blogger friends post artistic things, I am in awe of all of them. You did a really fine job with this. I am impressed.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Hi Marta! I lost your blog!I was so pleased to find it again and have added it to the links on my "wilsonontehan" blog.I don't want to lose it again because your blog is so interesting. I love your self portrait lino print....I haven't done a lino print since student days.

  5. This is wonderful, Marta - you really should do more in this medium..this one makes me want to try linoleum blocks.

  6. You have done great work since I've last visited, Marta.I love your watermelon and all your people sketches...they're seems to me your style has changed a bit? And I love it!
    This is a great print, I like the abstract touch. A very versatile artist you are.

  7. laserone Says:

    This is really cool, I love the colors used. :)

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