Marter Study no. 1

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 3:38 PM
First of eight is complete.  This was hard work!  I had to pick a figure drawing done by one of the masters.  I choose Michelangelo.  Then after obtaining  a good photocopy I was to trace the drawing's tonal values.  Next I had to copy the drawing using the materials the artist used and take observational notes about what I was obseving and learning by doing this.  Lastly I was to do my own drawing using what I learned from the master and in the media used by the master artist.  M poor Rudy agreed to posing nude for me but I told him I wanted to do some sketching first.  So, he could keep his underpants on while i sketched.  But I liked this seated pose so well (at least in conte) that I decided to use it for my study.  Whee...he narrowly escaped this time!

Now, off to get ready for the theater!  Rudy and I are going into Los Angeles to see Sweeny Todd at the Ahmenson.

Study of a male nude by Michelangelotracing of Michelangelo's male nudemasterstudy_michelangeloRudy; seated almost nudeMaster Study no. 1


  1. Linda Says:

    GREAT work! And how did you get such a cooperative husband???

  2. Diahn Says:

    Great work, indeed! I love this - I'm going to go break out my Leonardo notebook and do the same thing!

    And Linda - c'mon - all the cool husbands are doing it...


  3. Brenda Y Says:

    I'm in AWE over your progress in this class!! These sketches are FANTASTIC!! You most certainly do have a very supportive hubby --

  4. Wendee Says:

    OMG, that Rudy of yours is a brave man. A brave good lookin' man, at that.

  5. Sandy Says:

    Now this is a true challenge, all significant others in undies pose please. Tell Rudy he is HOT!

  6. Robyn Says:

    Unmistakably Rudy! He looks like he's watching TV. Very nice work on your master study too. What a wonderful time you're having, Marta!

  7. Sandy Says:

    You did fantastic on Rudy. Like your the master study also.


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