Week 2 of Figure Drawing class

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 5:17 PM
30 minutes pose

Lots happening in figure class this week.  We continue to do gesture sketches with emphasis on beginning the figure with the 'spirit line' which is usually the midline.   After getting our stick figure in with all the proportions correct we are to move on and 'bulk up' the figure.  We do this by filling in volume using the imaginary wire around the forms, the smoke or ribbon effect or beginning to explore with contour line.  
She also stressed the importance to get into the studio, set up your easel and have your tools ready to work.  She wants to see us using our grids, viewfinders and pencils to measure distances and proportions and decide on composition.  *Note to self:  Get to class a few minutes earlier and be ready next time!
Lastly this weeks discussions and lectures were anatomy on Monday which covered going over a skeleton model and it's bones.  I shouldn't have a problem with this since I know the bones like the back of my hand.  She also showed us what she expects from out master studies she assigned.  Basically we are to get a good photocopy of a master drawing (nude) then lay a sheet of tracing paper over it and block out three to five values in pencil and shade them in.  Next we are to freehand draw the copy which we may use a grid system to ensure accuracy.  We have to use the materials the artist used in our sketch as well.  Lastly we are to draw an original drawing encompassing what we learned from that particular study.  Whew!!!!!  I think my firsto of the eight assigned is going to be a Michelangelo which I hope to start soon.
*I'm feeling under the weather, sore throat and achy all over.  I made a doctor appointment for tomorrow because I fear this is going to get worse and I might need a doctor's note for work.  I won't be able to take care of sick kiddos if I'm sick!  Gonna drink lots of hot tea with honey and lemon and maybe something a bit stronger!


  1. Wow-- Challenging pose. I don't know about you, bud even at my advanced middle age, I find that sometimes I am prudish or timid about getting the private bits accurage. I hear this voice in my head: It's rude to stare!

  2. mARTa Says:

    LOl...I'm a nurse...I have no problem staring or examining. Heck, I'd even pose nude except I'm always so cold!

  3. Desiree Says:

    Ok, I started to write that I thought the pose was a bit much, but actually I think its pretty cool. I love the look of his thighs and he could almost be posing as a fallen solgier or warrior. Your knee and calf are really amazing, you did a fantastic job. I thought you said you were struggling today! You need to struggle more often. I would say frame it but what would Rudy say? I think you took a very odd position and made it look really good. Is he choosing his poses or does the teacher have some imput. I haven't seen him do this at the museum! Great job GF!

  4. Quilt Knit Says:

    What a fantastic pose. Wonderful of the model. Unfortunately, I have had few male nudes. It is something to do with Women in the South. Something about - We can't handle it- male nudes. Hence mine have even in the bathing suit live drawing classes been female. I must admit two of the female models seemed so detached from life, my memories of them is still disturbing. I hope all of your models are vibrant and interested in your presence.
    Beautiful work.

  5. Sandy Says:

    As everyone noted - quite a striking pose and you captured it with striking clarity too!

  6. Sandy Says:

    And getwell soon!

  7. Ai Says:

    I think the pose is awesome, extraordinary and you capture its strength very well. Get well soon.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    It looks like you're doing a wonderful job with your figure drawing. This pose looks so challenging with all that foreshortening and yet you've got it just right. I'm going to be in a two-day figure painting class in oils this weekend. I'm feeling pretty intimidated but will just show up and do my best and try to have fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Serena Says:

    WOW, Marta, you have done a wonderful job with detail, shading and perspective!

  10. Wow - that's some figure class you've got going on!

    Do you think his back was hurting him at the end of that pose?

  11. Oh sure this pose was challenging, even more for the first classes! but you've captured it amazingly. This shows all your previous work has been important, a begginner, as you said on a previous entry, cannot solve such a pose this good!
    The posts people left you about the male model posing completely nude has given a tip for our classes.

  12. mcnn9 Says:

    I love your site and the postings. The art work is very good. I am a male model and many of the comments will make me a better model and I am going to use many of the great poses. Thank you! Mike

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