Mile Grazie Michelangelo!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 4:54 PM
I had said I wasn't going to post all my class drawings every week.  But this week was an especially frustrating and insightful.  Apart from getting a start to the master study assignment, there were new concepts to learn and employ.
On Monday she had us begin looking at the figures basic geometric shape and even though we aren't drawing it every time, we should be seeing those shapes when we approach a figure drawing.  If you look closely at the long pose of the seated girl you can see the fine box shape around the head.
Today after our warm up gesture sketches we did 3 erasure drawings.  I didn't like this exercise at all!  You cover the paper with conte, smear it with a chamois and then with a kneaded erasure you begin to lift out the lights to bring the figure out of the paper.  Some students really liked this, I wanted desperately to pick up my conte!
*I had a very insightful dream last night.  I was in the studio at school all by myself.  I had just finished a drawing on a grey sheet of paper and was unhappy with it.   While pondering what was wrong with it I heard a male voice tell me to "pick up the head."  
"What?" I said
"Pick up the head"
I looked around to see a pleasant young man dressed in robes talking to me.  I knew instantly it was Michelangelo.
I asked again, " Pick up the head?"  I wasn't sure what he meant so I reached for the drawing.  As soon as I touched it the head of the drawn figure was in my hands in 3 dimensional form.  I gaped in astonishment!
He handed me a wooden dowel and told me to drive it through the top of the head; and told me that should help solve some of my problems.  
Speechless........I woke up.

If you notice on some of the gestures from today.....I have a fine line (dowel) drawn through the top of the head.  It did help!

Mile Grazie Michelangelo!!!!!! Baci!!!

ps: the crease in the drawings is from a stack of books that fell on the roll of drawings.  Dammmmm.  I might have to iron them out because I have to turn in some of these drawings.


  1. Teri C Says:

    I just love these slide shows, then I get to see a lot of art!!

  2. What a wonderful, helpful dream!
    I'm not so enamoured with the slide shows... as on my monitor, at least, the images are very dark.
    but I can tell you are working hard and learning a lot.

  3. Quilt Knit Says:

    Oh I am jealous! Michelangelo has come in my dreams too! No wonder He has not been here. He went to you. Listen well to dreams, precious advise.
    Wonderful work.

  4. Sandy Says:

    I enjoyed the slide show. I think all these poses must be so difficult.

    LOve love your dream!!! wow.


  5. Robyn Says:

    Your eraser studies are very effective, Marta. I also love Mr Box Head - he looks so sad, like he's just been asked to do an eraser study ;)

    Keep it up. It's a wonderful opportunity and a great boost to your drawing.

  6. I had to laugh at your dream, how flattering to have M. come to your rescue! Your drawings look great Marta and in fact I love all your erasure drawings!And then the gesture drawings have nice, strong gesture(angry or not!). You are doing wonderful in this class, I enjoy seeing your progress and I'm sure sometimes it is just plain hard to show up for class, not to mention doing the homework...applause to you!

  7. Linda Says:

    Marta -- these are all so wonderful! My favorite is a lovely 5 minute (?) drawing of a three-quarter view of a woman's semi-reclining back (how's THAT for a description!) :-D
    And the eraser drawings were among my favorites, too -- you really did a nice job with them, even if you didn't enjoy them as much as the others.

  8. Claudia Says:

    Wow, Marta, receiving advice from the MASTER in your dreams!!!What happened to you reminds me of the book "The artist inside" by Tom Crockett. He says that sometimes your "inner artist" can give you advice in dreams, when you ask a certain question about your work before going to bed...pero qué Michelangelo mismo vino a darte un consejo, pues, me quedo sin palabras...
    Un fuerte abrazo y besos!

    P.S. The book I mentioned is very interesting, me thinks;-))

  9. Sherry Says:

    The slide show is really cool, but not so cool as your dream. I need some advice too!

  10. Ai Says:

    I think you just had the ultimate artist dream, being touch by a master.

  11. bec Says:

    Amazing dream!!!! If he comes to you again ask him to help me too!

    sorry I haven't responded to your tag of late... I just can't think of anything worth posting.

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