Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 4:53 PM
Brittanee and her nurses
I drove home from San Diego to get ready for my Brittanee’s Celebration of Life party. Brittanee has been battling cancer since she was 9 years old; she is 16 now. A few months ago she came up with her ‘bucket list’ and among the things listed was this party. She thought it sad that people die and at the funeral everyone talks about how wonderful they were. She thought you should hear those things while you are still alive. This was ‘her farewell’ to all of us. It was held at the local country club and formal dress code was requested.   She was much too ill to enjoy her party but nonetheless; she WAS the belle of the ball!

Bless my friend Clara who lent me one her beautiful gowns. (Dianne offered hers too but she's much taller than I so hers didn't fit) I was among only a handful that were invited to this event. I was so honored and touched to be invited.  I get back so much love in caring for these children.  God knew what he was doing when he led me into this profession. Thank you God.

Bless you if you have taken the time to read all these post. I have not stopped looking at all the blogs that I admire so much. I regret that I haven’t made the time to send you comments, as all of you have been so generous with me. I’m hoping once this art class is done and things (like hormones) in my life settle a bit; I can once again stop by to say hello. In the meantime I will stop by often to see new works posted there.


  1. Sharon Says:

    I suspect YOU are also a gift to these children, Marta. Your loving and kind nature shines through on your blog.

  2. Ai Says:

    Marta, you look great and it is wonderful for you all to throw such a party to a girl in need.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I can't say much Marta, I think you know what I feel.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Again you inspire me to tears, your heart is so big and giving- Karma big time for all involved, God Bless you and all.

  5. ksklein Says:

    what a wonderful idea, this party. but i have to admit that i think i would be chcking with tears all the time if i would be there.
    so how is the mood of the party. is there hapiness and sadness?

    you look wonderful in that dress.

  6. Linda Says:

    Well you HAVE been a busy lady! You look fantastic in the dress here -- what a wonderful way to celebrate a sweet young life.

    I'm impressed with the running program -- especially considering that you are running while having hot flashes in 90 degree weather. NO. I would NOT be able to do that -- so you are my hero!
    ;-D Keep up the wonderful work and the fantastic posts!

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