Two weeks worth of figure drawing!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 7:15 PM
black conte on newsprint, 18x24 inches.   Click on image to see entire set.

For two weeks now we have been working on massing in the form.  Aside from all we have learned so far, she continues to push us to really see the body, it's form and the tonal values. We are working with white conte on toned paper to help us see the forms or doing erasure drawings.  I really struggle with these!   We are being pushed a little harder to get the spirit line right at the beginning and  to get our proportions right.  She stops us often to look and see if we have it right....."don't go drawing nipples if you haven't gotten the body all drawn in"  or  "folks, you are drawing the whole body, I don't want to see headless bodies or those missing hands and feet!"  Okay, I love this class!

I got my portfolio back today.  I earned brownie points for having the neatest most professional looking one.  (We had to make them.  I guess bookbinding skills came in handy).  We got 10 grades today: 2 for the master studies and 8 for the required drawings.   She scores: 4/A, 3/B, 2/C, 1/D, 0/F.  Mine averaged to 3.4 (B).  I had one she gave me a C on but I got 4's on both my master studies.

I have a long work weekend coming up so won't have much drawing time.  And I must make time to come visit all of you and see what you are all doing.  Thank you for being so supportive and the encouragement is a big boost for my ego as well!  
"oh, if only this kind of drawing made sense to me"


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congratualtions're doing SO great! And I would figure that yours would be the neatest and most professsional...You are working hard and the results can really be seen, even though you feel like you'e struggling. And if you want to see sense in something, in anything, you're going to wait a long time...and I think sometime the most beauty is found in those things that don't make sense!

  2. Wow - you are really making progress. Both of these have a really solid feeling to them. It sounds like a wonderful class.

  3. Robyn Says:

    Marta - I think the black conte figure is gorgeous. And I see magic in the white.

    Congratulation on your grades - that's fantastic. I bet you made a beautiful portfolio too.

  4. Linda Says:

    Marta! Congratulations on doing so well! I really love the white conte studies -- Keep going, and one day it will go "CLICK!"
    Are you working a Baylor shift so that you can manage school right now? Yikes! ... wait a minute ... working, going to school, keeping up with art and drawing assignment, having a good time with friends and keeping up with the rest of you life -- AND RUNNING????? -- you are either tireless or crazy!

  5. Ai Says:

    Even though you don't feel comfortable with the white Conte but I think it came out really great. I love the side sketch of a women.

    I think you outdone yourself for this drawing class. Bravo.z

  6. HI Marta! I've seen so much work and progress you've done! You are working hard and it really shows in your drawing. Bravo brave girl!!!

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