Menopause and other such tidbits

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 6:38 PM

I began this blog with the idea that it would be nice to have a visual record of my creative side. Slowly it found it's own course to follow with occasional drifts into other areas of my life. I like it like that; you get to see several facets of who I am.

I thought I should share the things in my life that have kept me so occupied.  At times the stress of it all gets to me, but all is falling into place now and I'm feeling myself again.  Thank you to many of you who expressed concern.

Nothing really earth shattering, but enough going on to frazzle me for a time. The most significant has been a sudden onset of menopause. It didn't come on gradually and I had no idea it was coming. One day two weeks after my last very regular and normal period I woke to a cycle of hot flashes and night sweats around the clock. A couple of weeks into it I counted the hot flashes.....over 30 during waking hours! On my weekend to San Francisco to see my BFF Tricia we both had to laugh over my situation! But this cycle quickly got old and none of the herbal remedies eased symptoms. One day at work I just lost it; from non stop hot flashes, sleep deprivation, etc....and just sobbed for 1/2 an hour. A few days later I saw my PA who said, "let's discuss HRT (hormone replacement therapy)” I said, "no discussion needed, I'll do anything to stop this!" So, now I wear the Combi-patch and am proud of it! I'll show my patch on my lower belly to anyone who asks!  A week later I was feeling so much better!!!!  (my co-workers are also very happy I am on HRT)


  1. Sandy Says:

    Glad you are doing better Marta.

  2. Strange how close we can feel to people we have never met, and about whom we only know a fraction of facets. What wonderful posts, spirit, affection you have put here. My only concern is that you double, triple and quadruple check that your HRT patch is lowest dose possible. It is my opinion that HRT precipitated (or at least promoted) my breast cancer post hysterectomy.
    I hope I can start walking and running soon.
    Still love your art work!!

  3. Sandy Says:

    Hope all is better today. Sounds like a rough night.


  4. Sandy Says:

    Oh Marta, I knew it was something unpleasant, Memopause is not for sissys!!! Glad you are feeling better thank God!! Nature is not nice to women!!! Eat some chocolate - that always helps too. ;-)

  5. Quilt Knit Says:

    Oh! Marta: I wondered if it was the Great M. Mine came on overnight. I was in the car with both kids, it was a cold December day. I was dressed almost like for the North not the Real South. I was so cold, it was below 30degrees F. I had just turned onto the busiest street in the world. I was so hot so fast, I nearly killed us trying to get favorite Blue Jean lined coat off.
    I felt like I was dying. Then the bleeding. Mine was awful. I had to beg for Hormone therapy.
    Then I came North. Being in cold weather does ease the symtoms. But then doctors did a study on my Harmone treatment the least amount available. My doctor took it from with no warning. I was miserable. I just knew everything was going to go haywire. Thank goodness only the Hot flashes. No, more bleeding or break threw.
    Home you get to stay on it for a while. None of my blood test ever showed I was in M state.
    ((( Circle of Hugs )))
    sherrie roberts

  6. Deborah Says:

    Marta, you have such a busy and full life. You are an inspiring person. Blessings are yours. Deborah

  7. Haralee Says:

    Menopause deserves a sketch.
    I had breast cancer 6 years ago that threw me into menopause and made me ineligible for HRT. Menopause side effects are not for the faint of heart or spirit. I am seeing a strong ink sketch, if only I could draw!

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