Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 6:31 PM

Next major development was I finally had my appointment with a cornea specialist out of UCLA. A bit of medical history: I was born with congenital glaucoma, it was diagnosed at 6 mo. of age but by then I had already lost the vision in my left eye. With surgery the disease was halted and I was left with good eyesight in my right eye. 50 years later the disease came back and I had surgery once again and responded well. But for several years now my eyesight has gotten worse and I no longer can read newspapers, magazines or books unless it's early in the day and I have good light.
The news from the specialist was disheartening. My corneas are basically healthy, just really damaged from previous surgeries. He said no one would be willing to operate on my eye because if things didn't go well I would be left possibly blind in that eye as well. He gave me referrals to the Braile institute and the Low Vision Center in Santa Monica.  Oh well!  He did say that the progression of my poor eyesight would be gradual and over several years. I was alone and when I got in the car to come home I couldn't see as all the eye drops had left my eyes quite dilated.
I was 70 miles from home. So glad I have membership to the Auto Club! They towed my car home and I rode in the tow truck!   I'm sure the tow truck driver thought I must be drunk or on drugs!  Go ahead and laugh, I did!


  1. Ai Says:

    I am sorry to hear about your eye problem. I am glad that the tow truck driver was around to help you.

    I understand the bad news you received. I also have eye problems: my liquid inside my retina evaporates faster than normal. I have to take great care of my eyes and tear drop my eyes every 3 hours or I could end up with glaucoma. I feel depressed some time when I go to the eye doctor and I was among a few patients in late 30s waiting in line where most patients are in their 60s or more of age. The last visit the doctor discovered other cross-eye muscle and ask me for more visits.

    I hope your eye deterioration will be very very slow progress or none.
    Your works are wonderful and inspiring. God should find a way to save a creative soul like you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You are in my thoughts Marta.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Well Marta, your eye condition does not slow you down in any way shape or form that I can "see". I cannot read at night either, I know you will persevere through this and not slow down at all. you have "The Attitude" (and yes I did laugh - ya gotta laff!)

  4. ksklein Says:
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  5. ksklein Says:

    Hey Marta, Iwish you the best with your sight. I sometimes have problems too with my eyes and it is always scary for me.

  6. oh, I don't know what to say... All my best wishes to you and hope someone can find a solution for this problem. lots and lots of hugs and besos. Martín

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