The Bishop Wears Red

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 9:42 AM
The Bishop

This is sort of an experimental art piece. Saturday was my niece's confirmation into the Catholic Church. I had a leather-bound journal I bought while out shopping with my friend Robyn in Florence. I haven't used the sketchbook much because I don't like the paper for art work. But this blind contour turned out nice so today I scanned it and then colored it in photoshop. Now I want an art tablet because I think I could have a lot of fun with this!

The end of school is just weeks away.  I feel as if I am taking steps backward because every time I put something on paper, it's awful.  I should have progressed by now.   I have to go through all my school work and pick my best for a final critique and presentation of a final project.  I'm looking forward to the slower pace of lazy summer days.

A quick update on what's going on in my life.  The menopause symptoms have subsided but for 2 weeks now I have been on my period (with a 4 day break mid way).  I think there is still some adjusting my body has to do with the hormone therapy.  This of course has left me feeling "drained" and the running is suffering. 

 This morning I went for a nice run but had a stray puppy join me.  Of course I had to cut it short because the pup kept going into the street and almost got hit a few times.  People were giving me dirty looks and one woman stopped her car to yell at me to put my dog on a leash!!!  With all that bad karma I just came home; the pup following someone else.  Two hours later a knock on the door asking if it was our dog (she looks just like my Dottie). I didn't have the heart to leave her out and possibly get hit by a car.  So now she's in the back yard and I guess I have flyers to make and post in the neighborhood.  I don't want another dog!!!

On a sad note; Brittanee died Sunday morning.  The little girl who defied death till the end is now in heaven.  She touched so many lives while battling her disease for the past 8 years.  I have to believe she is whole again and laughing and playing with angeles.


  1. Judybec Says:

    what a great drawing-- I love the colors and form.
    Hope you're feeling better soon and good luck with that puppy....hope he finds a good home.
    I'm sure your right about Brittanee-- you've got such a wonderful way of writing.

  2. Anita Davies Says:

    I think Brittanee was pretty close to an angel here on earth when you came into her life Marta, now perhaps she can look over you and, in time, you can both laugh together?

  3. You won't believe the fun you can have with a Wacom tablet! Love the contour-Bishop! I felt the same way (i.e., no progress, deteriorating skills) in Life Drawing class this evening... but I also am semi-sleep deprived. I'm wondering if your menopausal irregularities might be making YOU tired which impacts your judgment.
    Just a thought. I really see lots of maturation.

  4. Desiree Says:

    Hey GF, so sad to hear about Brittanee, you have been with her for so long. I will pray for her family that has been fighting with her for all these years.

    Your drawings are wonderful. I love the mission, its beautiful there. There is a new exhibit at the Bowers I want to see, maybe we can do it together. Miss you

  5. What sad news, Mike and I will remember her & her family fondly and keep them in our prayers. She will be missed.

    As for your art..I think that you are your own wrost critic...they are great. I especially like the olive grinding stone.
    Hugs to you GF.

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