Final Project: cont. work in progress

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 9:17 PM

I've been working on this for over 10 hours. and it still looks unfinished to me. But good enough for the critique tomorrow. Dianne came over this evening with a latte (since I'd finished half the bottle of wine) and gave me some good input. She made me laugh when she said I had given myself a J Lo bottom!!! Hey, I can do that if I want!


  1. Anonymous Says:

    this looks great MArta! I love your deep shadows, it gives so much atmosphere to your drawing. good luck, will keep all my fingers crossed!

  2. Quilt Knit Says:

    This is wonderful! J Lo, oops, I mean Marta! Great work! Is your easel on a table? This is great! Graphite, Charcoal and washes are harder than you think or realize. Yours is great.

    (( circle of hugs))

    Sherrie Roberts

  3. Anita Davies Says:

    It looks fab Marta...especially the J-Lo bum. LOL!
    Best of luck!

    OMG...guess what the word verification for this comment is?

  4. Deborah Says:

    I think we should all use artistic license to our advantage...seriously this is very very good. Excellent work!

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