Tornado in Riverside, CA

Friday, May 23, 2008 at 8:39 AM

Yesterday it was a strange day, and no Dorthy, we are not in Kansas.  A few days ago we were sweltering in triple digits and yesterday after a nice sweaterless morning the day grew colder and stormy.

I was at work all day and even there the events of the day were very unusual.  Several 'dramas'  played through; one being that I caught my 17 year old patient smoking in the bathroom with mama's approval.  Yes, I've seen it all!  

Outside it was a different story.  As the television warning came on in the patient rooms the parents and kids began to tell us of a tornado hitting in Riverside (where I live ).  We quickly all became glued to a television and my manager and I realized quickly that it was right in the area where we live.  Both of us had difficulty reaching our families via cell phone or land line.  But eventually I got through to Aaron who slept through it all.  Fortunately, Rudy was not hitting golf balls at the course just a mile from where the tornado hit but out at the mall, oblivious to what was happening.  Everyone safe.

In  a short span of time yesterday evening we had a tornado, hail storms, rain at 1 inch/hr and snow!  The tornado turned over a big rig truck and flipped a cargo train off it's tracks!  The footage above I found on youtube and was filmed about a mile from my home.  

Yes indeed, it was a very unusual day.


  1. Diahn Says:

    I saw the news this morning and immediately thought of you! I'm so glad to hear that you and yours are okay. My word - we're used to tornadoes in my neck of the woods - not so much where you are, I imagine!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Very scary, fear of tornados is something I would not be able to live with - glad all are safe.

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