101 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius)

Friday, April 27, 2007 at 10:46 PM

This was our first day to turn on the ceiling fans, open windows and test the ac. I some how was enticed to go into work today (my 3rd day in a row) and take Monday off. I was let off early and was driving home around 4p when I noticed the outside temperature at 101 degrees. This is when I wish I lived in Alaska.
I worked some more on the tomato painting (will post later) and found a few minutes at work to sketch this cheetah from San Diego Zoo News magazine. It's sketched with a no.2 pencil on doctor's progress note pink lined paper :) My young patient and friend, Steven now owns a signed copy.
I've spent the evening gathering my art supplies for tomorrow. Dianne and I are participating with our Plein Air Group painting at private homes on a garden tour. I'm a bit nervous as I rarely paint in public but feel a bit more secure since I'll be with my friend. Will post success' and disasters on Sunday!


  1. shirley Says:

    I'm sure that Steven will cherish it! I just lost myself among your blog, Steven's page, and Diane's blog - fun and inspiring - lovely sketches and paintings. I haven't looked at Diane's blog in a long time - and now can't stop thinking about artist vs illustrator. Have a fun day with your group! Thanks for sharing all of this.

  2. Sandy Says:

    So COOL your blog is so diverse and exciting, I never know what is around the corner (Steven was around the corner today and he is is an 11 year old cutie!)I wish I could go on the plein air sketch today and I wish we were closer to 101 it is mid 40s this morning - and foggy - yuck! Have fun and POST IT ALL!!

  3. I just had a look at Stephen's blog - it must be a privilege to know him and his family. I love the sketch - I'm glad he does too. Look forward to seeing the results of your day out!

  4. Robyn Says:

    Terrific 'cat', Marta. Isn't it wonderful that digital cameras now allow us to keep our drawings when we give it away. I complained about the heat yesterday in Florence and it was only 83 degrees, but really pumping up from those dark cobble stones. I do look forward to your 'in public' paintings.

  5. Hi Marta,

    I just called my new painting "101 Fahrenheit" then googled that name - and found your blog. I am glad I did it!

    Best regards from Canada!

    Lena Karpinsky

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