Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 9:15 PM

A Balero is a Mexican toy where the object of the game is to get the little ball on the string into the cup that sits atop a long handle. It is a brightly colored and varnished toy made from soft wood. I have NEVER been agile enough to get that little ball into the cup, yet some members of my family can do it quite easily.

This is a small 5x7 monochrome watercolor I plan to use as reference for a colored version. I have some values to work out and some decisions to make about the background as well.


  1. Emma Pod Says:

    Hi Marta, This is a great monochrome painting. I like it! I also like your flamingos and other drawings from both of your blogs. The Virtual Pose site looks interesting and I'm going to take a look at that too. Thanks for visiting my blog! take care.

  2. Linda Says:

    What fun! I love playing with these things, but never knew what they were called. Can't wait to see this painting in full color!

  3. martín Says:

    Hi Marta! The balero drawing is awesome. I like it very much. All your works are great and also the work you do helping people. You know, in Argentina, el balero is different. It's a ball, with a hole in it, attached to the handle with a string, then the object is to insert the handle into the hole in the wood ball. A different version of the game and difficult enough, too. Hugs.

  4. I love this watercolor and the blue monochrome you've chosen is just great!
    Well done

  5. Jana Bouc Says:

    I really enjoyed seeing this value study/monochrome painting. It's quite lovely just as it is. I like the composition too.

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