Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 8:35 PM

You know what kind of day it's going to be when it's 7am and already in the 80's. Then you get lost getting to the location you are supposed to meet your group at. Once you've gotten to the "assigned" home where you are going to paint 'plein air' and pick the perfect spot, supplies at the ready and discover in all your perfect planning you've forgotten your paint!!!!!
Dianne and I only met last December and are fast becoming good friends. Today I think the friendship was solidified.......the lady 'shared' her watercolors with me. She threw me a life preserver and saved my butt today. Thank you again dear friend.
This home wasn't anything spectacular. The owner wasn't the friendliest sort, but hey, what the heck, we were there to paint. She seemed irritated that we didn't have art work to sell, that we weren't real artist maybe? At one point during a very hot day we overheard her tell a group of people touring her gardens and home, "and over there are little artist painting." That's about the time we should have picked up our little wc blocks, paints and taken our little selves home. Dianne and I exchanged looks and that was it...the women was a my book. So I turned my chair around and painted the view across the road of a vineyard with the purple mountains in the background. I didn't feel like sketching any more of her home/garden.
I don't know if today was a success or failure. I only posted the better of the 3 paintings from today. But after the day was done the group of 10 of us went out for a wonderful Italian dinner and did a show and tell. Some of the artist did such beautiful work. I aspire to paint as well someday.
As a side note. Thank you all who come to visit and leave comments. I appreciate that you take the time to look and comment. I've got the time off for the next 12 days so hope to catch up with all your great blogs and see what you are all up to!


  1. These are both really lovely, Marta! They are so different, and both convey so much atmosphere. Little artists indeed! A friend of mine used to answer all criticism with :"You obviously know nothing about art." I always liked that one. Now I'm going to have a look at Dianne's work...

  2. mARTa Says:

    Thank you. I didn't take it to heart and instead just chose to ignore her lackluster garden and enjoy the view of the vineyards and mountains.

  3. Jana Bouc Says:

    Beautiful painting and a fun and touching story. I so relate to carefully packing everything you need and forgetting the most important part! I love the colors in the painting.

  4. Beautiful painting this one is so sad how one persn can take seomthing beautiful and just spoil it by a bad attitude...didn't she see your paintings afterwards and at least appreciated their beauty? You did great..

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