Friday, April 20, 2007 at 3:23 PM
I am not happy with this El Balero y El Trompo painting and already have it sketched out to do over again. I think the composition is bad and I have so much empty space around the toys. They seem to float. I don't think I did a good job on the reflections on the balero either. The top looks alright to me. I do like the colors I used. I was hoping to give the impression that they were left outdoors against a reddish color stucco wall. I also used gold metallic watercolor paint in the balero as the one I was working from is decorated with gold stripes. This painting might work if I just crop it but before I go cutting up a painting I'm going to re-do it once more and see what happens.


  1. Oh no Marta...don't destroy this! I think it is stunning! It is wonderfully expressive and it almost seems as if you've allowed the paint and subject to control...which is something I'm trying so HARD to achieve! This is really beautiful and to me, one of your best, if not the best, on this series.

  2. Marta, it's interesting because it's so different than what you've done before with the same subject. I think you should put it aside for a few days and then look again. The colors are beautiful.

  3. mARTa Says:

    Ronelle & Casey, really? I admire your art so much and truely value your opinions so I won't destroy it just yet! I too love the colors because it was what I was hoping for...a hot afternoon in old Mexico!

  4. why Says:

    i like this one a lot too! :)

  5. Linda Says:

    I like this one, too, but I see what you mean about maybe needing a tweak. I wonder if you did something to unify the background so it doesn't have a pattern that competes with the toys?...
    HOWEVER -- remember that everybody's monitors may show the painting a bit differently, so what I'm seeing may not be what is really there! :-)
    Never destroy a piece like this -- always put it away to come back to. And if you need to put it away for a while longer, then do. And so on! I love the toy series!!!

  6. Sandy Says:

    I love the colors...sandy

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