Ah.....Chillin' at the spa

Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 8:52 AM

I made my monthly sojourn to the spa at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. It has stood for many years here in town, some of those boarded up in during the 1980's. But it was revived and is a wonderful place to meet friends for lunch or enjoy the day spa. It has seen many distinguished guest over the years. You can still glimpse at the chair that was made especially for one of our presidents who was quite large (can't remember who), the Reagan's were married in the chapel here as well. The Inn also has wonderful spots to sketch and paint. It's almost hard to decide what to draw!

I love the downtown area because it's so inviting. There are nice little eateries, quaint boutiques, a pedestrian mall that host an evening open market once a week where artists are welcome to come set up and paint and sell their work. Just around the corner is the Riverside Art Museum which host wonderful exhibits, gatherings and classes. I am fortunate to live so close to so much fun!

Yesterday my friend Taralyn from work joined me at the spa where we indulged in a nice lunch by the pool, a good soak in the spa (me trying to draw as I sat in hot whirling water), sipping champagne and eating chocolate, a scalp treatment with massage and of course the eucalyptus steam room. Just a few hours of pampering will last me until next month! ah...........

OK, you are wondering what all this cost? not including lunch...$25.00 plus tip.


  1. martha Says:

    It sounds divine. And you even worked in some very nice sketching!

  2. Emma Pod Says:

    I love these sketches! Especially the mission - it's bright and breezy and just really pretty. I like the style.

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