Mother's Day Picnic

Sunday, May 13, 2007 at 5:49 PM

With grown children away or working, I spent the day with my DH at the Citrus Park here in town. I'd been wanting to go for some time and today seemed the perfect day to go. The day was neither too hot nor too cold. We parked ourselves under some shady trees and instead of painting the palm trees or the orange groves I grabbed my sketches of the Farmer's Market and tried once again! LOL, am I crazy? tenacious? a perfectionist? maybe a bit too anal? do I enjoy torturing myself? is this a form of self flagellation? I don't know....only that I think I'm getting closer to what I was hoping for. But alas a long way to go before I am happy with how I paint.

The bottom sketch was done in my moleskine wc sketchbook. It has the freshness I was hoping for in the 1/4 sheet paintings from yesterday. The paint palette I used were the W&N half pans that came with my new little travel paintbox. I can see that I will need to order some replacement colors as I don't care for most of the colors in the box.

The top is a finished painting on 1/8 sheet arches 140#cold press. I like the composition better but see that I don't have enough contrast in values. I should have left the awning much lighter and airy, more white in the flower area and a lighter background behind the figures, maybe blue instead of the green foliage that was behind the ladies.

Should I try this again? Perhaps but not in the near future. I think I know when it's time to move on.


  1. Emma Pod Says:

    Hi Marta, Thanks for your visit to my blog! Great to hear from you. I like all the flower colors in these paintings! It's been awhile since I popped over to see what you're doing. You've posted alot of nice work. The ATCs are great, the quilting looks like fun, and your spa day....wonderful!!! I'm glad to hear you play golf like me. It makes it more fun and alot less stressful.

  2. I like them both, but I prefer the composition in the second one. Lovely, colorful paintings. I'm behind in my painting of the week schedule - it may have to wait until I get back from Hong Kong (June 1)

  3. Join the club Marta..I don't think anybody is ever 100 percent happy with what they did, and that's the drive!
    I like what you did here and I favor the second one too, maybe for it's light, airy feel. The top one is great in color and vibrancy though.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Hi Marta, happy Mother's Day - what a fun day you had!! I love the picture of you all set up and working - the farmers market is free and fresh and I know I could sketch it over and over - and get different resilts each time!
    ps - thanks for the great comments on my blog.

  5. Desiree Says:

    Hey, GF, I like the first the best, the one without the guy. I like the colors better and the table is better defined. You are ahead of me, I only painted the swiss chard so I can eat it! That was challenging. Lets go again!

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