EDM no. 4

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 8:31 PM
Draw your mug or cup

No, I was not drinking Sangria when I drew La Tasse. I was going 'back' to an exercise in contour drawing....keeping my eye on the mug and not the paper. I love the green I used: Daniel Smith Terre Verte and some ultramarine......I think it's going to be one of my favorite greens!

This and the salt and pepper shakers were done in my new reloaded watercolor sketchbook. I am loving the arches hot press wc paper. The mug is on hot press paper and the salt and pepper shakers on cold press. I put some 140# cold press in my wc sketchbook but think I really didn't need to include anything heavier than 90#.


  1. This is brilliant. I too LOVE the greens. Just an all round great drawing.

  2. juj Says:

    I have a Fiestaware mug myself and mine is not nearly as cool as the painting you did of yours. I want to come live in your world! It's much more interesting. btw, That green is delicious - and I love the way the pigments in the blue settled on the hot press paper.

  3. Sandy Says:

    I Love this green too - very nice and for blind contour with circles - just Great!

  4. I love this mug! It's shape is just beautiful, not forgetting the great colors! I made not of this color..

  5. Serena Says:

    OH, I love that green too, Marta! Wonderful drawing ~

  6. phthaloblu Says:

    Great job! Always good to use the old stanby exercises once in a while. That green is beautiful.

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