Sangria Before Life Drawing

Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 9:56 PM

Dianne and I decided to just ditch the studio painting session since we really don't care for the teacher and go to a Tapas Bar instead and load up on Sangria to loosen us up before heading to the museum for the Life Drawing Session. I really need a figure drawing class as I have a hard time with proportions, always making my figures too compact and shortened. But it was fun to be around other artist and practice, practice, practice!


  1. shirley Says:

    Fun sketches Marta. Maybe a margarita would help me loosen up! I wish Dianne participated in the EDM superblog! I love seeing her work and always have so much trouble finding her blog again among my bookmarks.

  2. Marta, I think your sketches are great! they have great dynamic lines and mevement, great play on shadows and wonderful intepretation of gestures...
    I think I might just mix up some Sangria this weekend(depends on the weather.

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