Barracuda Beta

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at 8:01 PM
Javier (my brother) stopped by this afternoon and caught me with ipod buds in my ears (listening to Albert Einstein) and trying to sketch our beta fish "Pepito." I hit pause and he said, "you look intense." I mumbled something about it would be easier to draw the if he was dead! I really didn't expect this fish to live as long it has (6 months now). My brother broke into a sly grin and responded, "I can help you out with that." LOL poor Pepito.....OH, don't worry, I let him live! I notice now that he looks more like a shark or barracuda rather than a cute little beta fish. Oh well! On the other hand, the south pacific idol that inhabits his fish bowl was the most perfect gentleman and sat still for me the whole time :) I did an ATC of Pepito as well but think it somewhat overworked.


  1. Great colors on your fish...happy to hear he's still alive...I have never had the dsire to do a fish and there are actually some beautiful fish !

  2. ksklein Says:

    great post. i hasd to laugh at what your brother said. it could have been exactly what i would have said.
    i love the name javier btw. i´ve heard it in a few movies.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Oh Marta I adore this page, I think you captured him (them) perfectly - I am saving this as my computer wall paper ;-)

  4. mARTa Says:

    ronelle: I'm not a fish person either (that's why I wonder how it is that the fish is still living). I can visualize him dry and pinned to a piece of cork board.

    kerstin: I would have let you or my brother off the fish with a little encouragement.

    sandy: you honor me! I'm 'hangng' on someone's cool. I actually like the ATC now that I see it in the light of day.

  5. Linda Says:

    :-) I really like this! However, I hate to break it to you, but I had a friend at work whose Beta lived for about 3 years. Really. Of course, by the end it just kind of hung around at the bottom of the bowl and we'd all stop by and tap the glass and ask if she'd checked him lately, because he sure didn't look well. Of course, we WERE working in a nursing home, so maybe he just felt comfortable growing older than normal there ...

  6. Desiree Says:

    This could be some colorful fish tacos GF! They look great, I love the ruins he calls home in that bowl!

  7. I think he's gorgeous, Marta! Beautiful use of the medium too.

  8. ksklein Says:

    Hey Marta, hope you can relaxe some more today and that your day won´t be too stressy.

  9. phthaloblu Says:

    This is great for a moving subject. Mobile subjects can make me crazy and frustrated.... Love the colors you used and I'm glad Pepito is still alive.

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