Monday, February 25, 2008 at 7:29 PM
drawing lessons
My figure drawing class officially began today with a brief round of introductions of everyone in class and then right into the first assignment.  She split the class into those who have taken it before and those who are beginners.  I am a beginner.  We had to take hand mirrors and sit at a draft table and do self portraits.  I really like doing self portraits but I like working at an easel and using a larger mirror.  This 30 minute drawing is pretty accurate but I made my face to0  elongated....perhaps "Modigliani-ish?"  She had us label this 'marker no. 1.'  
Next we were to draw an imaginary nude figure.  This was hard without a reference to look at.  I didn't do too bad!  That was marker no. 2.  Next, some guidance on how to set up, use the studio area and what is expected at clean up time.  She let us have a 10 minute break before starting our drawing of a live model. 

Okay: funny story:
Some months back at one of the museum figure sessions I had felt like I didn't care for the model.  His poses were too exaggerated and I just couldn't connect and left early.  Today, who is the model?  The guy from the museum session!  During the break he came up to me and said, "Don't I know you?  You go to the museum figure class don't you?"  He then starts to just chat with me telling me he works as a security guard at a hospital and that he loves art and has been modeling for 11 years.  I thought him a nice man and my previous bias about him dissipated.  I did a very nice 20 minute sketch of him.  When done he came over to see and was pleased with my drawing.   He offered his phone number if my friends and I would like a drawing session outside of class.   The chit chat helped put me at ease and I think made for a good session.

marker no. 1marker no. 2marker no. 3


  1. How inspiring for you... AND for me. Thanks. I do believe I must register for a "real class" soon... rather than the studio sessions-- or, preferably, in addition to the studio sessions I've been attending.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Love seeing your work from class - please keep sharing. Not sure I will ever take a similar class, so I will follow along with you.

  3. Diahn Says:

    Great work, Marta! I think the last one, of the model is really well done - the proportions looks right on, and the hints of shading give just enough information - for some reason I really like the back of his knee and his elbows...go figure... :-)

  4. Are you sure that model wasn't just looking for an excuse to slip you his phone number?
    Nice work - you're going to love this class. It might be fun to work along with you and do the exercises, although my group could never sit still long enough for a 20 minute pose.
    I LOVE the top sketch, by the way - your style is getting really distinctive.

  5. Teri C Says:

    Very interesting work. I'm glad you are taking us on this journey-can't wait to see and hear more.

  6. Linda Says:

    These are great! It's so much fun to hear about your classes -- let's us all be there even though we aren't. :-) THe last one of the model really is right on.

  7. Wonderful output in the first class! you must be very proud!!

    Casey's comment about the model/tel #: LOL! I had thought so too, but wasn't going to say it, hahaha.

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