Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 3:24 PM
My dear friend Martin from Dibujandoarte tagged me to list 5 things about myself.  Back in May another 'tagging' was going around so you can go to that post for the deeper me!

1. I began school today! I am enrolled in the figure drawing class at Riverside Community College. The class meets twice a week until June 11th. Today we got a short lecture, the course syllabus  and list of materials. Beginning next Monday we begin our first lessons with a live model. I must confess that I am 100% sure I am the oldest person in the class with 98% being under 21! I am a bit nervous about this new venture but excited as well. I hope to take all of you along as the weeks go by...so come by often to see my exercises and assignments.

2.  You might have noticed the Nike widget on the upper left hand corner of my blog.  I have begun training for a 5k run in April.  I signed up a few weeks ago to do this run for the Children's Cancer Research Fund.  It's been ten years since I was running and so I am miserably out of shape.  But I began last week and hope to run 3-4 times a week to prepare for the run.  Right now I'm only able to run for a bout 3 minutes without having to slow down to a walk.  Keep your eye on how I'm doing and wish me luck!

3.  I have a tattoo.  Yes, body art.  It's a dolphin on my right ankle.  The thought of one on my shoulder is not totally out of the question.  But I remember the pain and so have not mustered up the courage yet.

4.  I am TERRIFIED of cats.  

5.  I have some good secrets......I'm not telling.

Here are my picks for 'tagging.'  I choose these blogs because I would really like to know more about these artist who inspire me every time I come by to visit.  Knitting Painter Woman from Journal to a Muse,  Wendee from The Digital Fridge Door,  Sherry from Late B(l)oomer,  Sharon of Flat Sound of Wooden Clogs,  Ai at Ai Arts and Bec from A Drawing A Day.   

This blog wouldn't be possible without other artist to come by to encourage, suggest and help me grow.  I gain knowledge and inspiration abounds on these virtual pages.  Thank you all for sustaining me!


  1. Serena Says:

    Marta, I have been saying to my family for a while now that I want to get a tattoo on my 50th birthday. I have actually been considering a small dolphin tattoo on my ankle and now I read that you have one. :)

    All the best for your April run!

  2. Wendee Says:

    Run, Marta, Run! Where is the 5K? Guess I should check it out. I've been trying to find a local, short event to train for, and running buddies. Me, too, I need to get back to faster and better form... You're an inspiration, Marta.

  3. Sandy Says:

    1- Oh how I wish I could join you in the figure drawing class! You will rock them all!
    2 - I wish I was still running, I remember the thrill of my first 5K (a breast cancer run) and I felt so fit, but alas my hips did not like running at all.
    3- I have a tatoo too ( actually a total of 14 if you count the 8 marks from radiation therapy) but 6 are little stars on my neck running down my spine to represent my 6 grands ( cool grandma -huh)
    4- I had 4 cats at once now only 1 left and he is a great buddy. come over and meet him.
    5- secrets, I love secrets! What is life without alittle intrigue -- and chocolate!

  4. mARTa Says:

    yes, the radiation tattoos count! I'm thinking of doing a breast cancer run next month....I should stop thinking and just sign up for it!!! The cat...well, if you are willing to provide a place to sleep where I won't wake with the cat in my face....it's do-able!! Just say when!!!! I would love to come out to NY again! I could be persuaded to tell you a secret too!!!

  5. mARTa Says:

    Serena, don't wait till your 50!!! I suspect you would have to wait a long time for that! Just do it! And Wendee...come run with me!

  6. bec Says:

    Thanks for tagging me! I do enjoy coming to your blog. Good luck with your running... how wonderful-great way to stay thin. And, hey Marta, give those kitties a chance! I never liked cats till my son wanted a pet 3 years ago.. I was thinking dog but he wanted a cat. So, we adopted 2, a brother and sister team---and I LOVE THEM!! They have such personality and offer loving affection. So, don't give up on the cats... they are often misunderstood.
    Your valentine dinner looks wonderful! Also, enjoy your figure drawing classes. I'll check back later!

  7. jackie Says:

    Marta, you are a true "Renaissance Woman." I love your posts, keep them coming. Cats aren't so bad, I have 4 ( all rescues) and of course 2 dogs( one is battling lymphoma). Lots of good wishes go with you for the 5K. Believe me that distance passes by quickly! When's the Marathon?;-)

  8. Quilt Knit Says:

    Marta! Way to go! I always loved my life drawing classes, except one with a youngman. He kept sticking his tongue out at us. Yeah! I drew the tongue! Really made him angry!. Ha Ha!
    There were two other models a Mother and Daughter, I loved drawing them- but they were like plastic people. Strange. Looking forward to your drawings.
    Oh, We need to get you and Serena on LA Ink, so we can relish the NEW tattoos on both of you. My cat,Ms Patches is taking care of me. I have one of those flu viruses not covered by the shot. Going out for OJ, Coke, H2O.
    Waiting for pick me up pictures. Enjoy! running I am very hindered in movement right now.

  9. Desiree Says:

    Hey GF,
    Congrats on school, wish I was going too. I gave you an award on my blog, check it out. I love your sketch, I can't wait to see how your life drawing evolves at the museum too!

  10. Sharon Says:

    Marta, Thanks for tagging me. Casey tagged me last summer,
    (http://flatsoundofwoodenclogs.blogspot.com/search/label/Tagged) so I think I will pass on doing it again right now. I did however, read your seven facts from last May. What an amazing and passionate woman you are! Your enthusiasm for life is totally contagious and it’s a real pleasure getting to know you a little bit via the internet. And if you feel the need for a trip to Oregon and a hike around Crater Lake, remember, we have a guest apartment!

  11. Felicity Says:

    You are one interesting and adventurous lady!!

    (Just thought I'd tell you I've replied to your comment on my blog.)

  12. Serena Says:

    I turn 49 this month so only one year to go. I guess I set it for my 50th being a milestone birthday. I am tempted to get the tattoo early though and, if I do, I will let you know.

  13. Hey Marta!! I'm so sorry I haven't written before. I've visited last week but couldn't leave any message as I'm having problems with my computer again =(
    I wish I had your courage to do things. I'm so happy you're taking more live model lessons. It's such a thing, at leats for me, and I know you love that too.
    I'm not terified of cats, but I don't like to touch them, as I always think they are going to bite me or pinch with their nails. When i was a kid I remember once a I held a cat and couldn't take it down as it kept puuting his nails to my sweater and when i managed to loosen one paw he nailed the other and i think i got a bit scared, hahaha. I'm more a dog-person than a cat, hahaha.
    You left me (and sure MANY of us) wondering what those secrets you won't tell are.... oh, you!!!
    Big Hugs, Martin.

  14. PS I really had a laugh at Quilt Knit's comment about the model and his tongue, she managed the situation wonderfully, perhahs he began to think twice about it before doing it again

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