high in the mountains of guatemala

Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 7:20 AM
excuse any typos due to foreign keyboard.
we are in San marcos in no. guat. lots of people waiting tobe seen. very busy every day but just when i think i can´t do this another minute a new burts of energy spurts forth. one of the dentist a 26 y-o girl has gotten very sick and worried us last night. but she is better today. last night while i held her head over a bowl and she cried for her mama i cried too. But a smile today means we are on the mend. my stomach must be made of steel as i feel fine other than i have been a bit backed up but much better today. some food not so great but other stuff...wow wonderful! รง

i actually have gotten a sketch in daily but only was able to watercolor the first one. we are just working too hard to have time for anything else.

this has been a very rewarding experience and i have met some great people. those that are working alsong side of me and people i´ve come accross. yestereday a woman was embroidering outside waiting tobe seen...i went and admired her work and talked for a bit. she let me take her picture and then asked if i could take her home with me. she laughed when i told heer she didn´t fit inmy suitcase!!!! the smiles, sometimes toothless, will last forever in my heart and mind.

well, sorry can´t post any photos as i am in a computer lab on the military campus we are at, using the kids pcs. we have been escorted by the military throught this trip...wait till you see the picture of me with all the guys and machine guns! and i also jumped in a pool one night and then all the ´guys´jumped in too!! memories that will last forever!

well, i better go open the pharmacy for the day. i have about 6 teenage girls from the academy here...all medical students ...helping me.....they are fun and have a million questions. i might have been lax in judgement giving them my email addy....hahahah.... might be my last post till i get home.......contiue to pray and wish us welll.......marta in guatemala


  1. Sandy Says:

    Oh so good to hear from you, what an adventure for angels such as you and the others - can't wait to hear and see more, Be safe, you are in my prayers.

  2. Deborah Says:

    Marta, sounds like a rewarding adventure. God speed.

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