Starting the Oil Paint Color Charts

Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 4:28 PM

On Wednesday we began our color charts. Mine are GIGANTIC but my instructor is cool with that. What good will they do if I can't see them? I had some stumbling blocks:
Glass pallet I bought is not big enough so today I went to the glass shop to have them cut new sheets of glass for me.
Paint thinner the instructor had must have been tainted because it was this awful gunkey stuff. I told her I thought oil painting was supposed to be a sensual experience and this thick ugly paint thinner just wasn't doing it for me. Today I bought my own new can of mineral spirits.
How to carry my canvas home? Carefully! Tomorrow a trip to Sterling Art for wet canvas carrier clips or order them online.
Carrying all these supplies to and from home/car/parking lot. Get out the craft tote hiding in the closet and use it instead of my back next week!

I am learning so much and asking a million questions and I have barely touched paint to canvas!


  1. Jacob Says:

    Hi Marta,
    I like the watercolor picture of when you were in La Quinta. That is a cool watercolor picture you have. I remember that place cause' we went there last summer. The new oil paints you got are very cool. Keep up the good work!
    Love, Jacob

  2. Remember to just "fool around" a bit, too. Color charts are all discipline and not to much play (let alone creativity!!

  3. Quilt Knit Says:

    Absolutely thrilled you have good Mineral spirits. Hope this is not like my first experience. We were to have one teacher- Ha! Each teacher had different ideas on how to "oil" paint.
    Enjoy! Glad you got out the craft bag. I am just getting into a good routine with my plein air easel and it came with its on bag.
    Look forward to more of your oil adventure.
    What will happen when you go on the big adventure?

    Taking oils with you?


  4. Karen Says:

    I'm going to guess that the instructor brought Turpenoid natural. It's thick, sticky and smelly. But natural. I only use it for brush cleaning, and then outside. I won't buy it again, it gives me a headache.

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