My first Sketchcrawl tomorrow!

Friday, January 9, 2009 at 11:44 AM

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While browsing the other day I found the last copy of An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory. Jana from Jana's Journal and Sketch Blog has been blogging about it and I was curious to roam it's pages also. I began reading it today near a bright sunny window. All the while hoping my eyes wouldn't give out on me. I got through the introduction and first featured artist. I am going to really enjoy my wanderings through it's pages!

Last night we were rumbled out of our seats by a strong earthquake. If you've never experienced one it's hard for me to describe. Even before the ground begins to move you know it's comming. The roar sounds like a fright train speeding toward you and just before it hits the movement begins.

We slept well enough and woke this morning to howling winds. The Santa Ana winds are anoying and bring the threat of wild fires too; but in some ways I enjoy them. They give me the excuse to not venture out the door and just keep cozy indoors. So here I lounge at noon, still in my bathrobe and savoring 'computer time.'

Tomorrow Dianne (Desiree from The Clothes line and other laundry lists) are going to San Diego for my first sketchcrawl! We are meeting up with Jane LaFazio from JaneVille and the other San Diego sketchcrawler group. I am like a little kid having already picked my supplies to take; reloaded my watercolor paint box, bought a new moleskine wc sketchbook and still deciding which bag to cart it all in!

I'd like to invite all of you who are sketchcrawling tomorrow and have access to your blog or facebook to 'post' while on the sketchcrawl. I wish we could join Jana and Martha (Trumpetvine Travels) in San Francisco, Cathy Johnson (The Quicksilver Workaholic ) in Kansas City and all the others who will be putting pen and brush to paper tomorrow. Well through Facebook or Blogging we can! Let's have some fun!


  1. Margaret Ann Says:

    I wish I could join you! Have a ball...I cannot wait to see what you sketch! :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh goodie! I'm so glad you guys are joining in. Maybe we could do a noon "Meet-Up" via our iphones (I know you have one as do Martha and I). We could send each other photos of where we are or a sketch and have a virtual sketchcrawl together. If you want to, email me and I'll send you my cellphone number. I'd love to see a photo of S.D., where I grew up as I haven't been there in 30 years. I'd also love to come down for a sketchcrawl sometime!

  3. mARTa Says:

    Yes, let's do it! I might blog/facebook the whole day starting early!

  4. Anita Davies Says:

    Have a ball Marta!

  5. Linda Says:

    Oooh, yes! I need to at least do an hour, even if it is solo! Thanks for the reminder, Marta.

    And that's a frightening description of an earthquake! I don't think I could handle that very often...

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i guess you must be mid way through your crawl. Hope you're having fun and looking forward to the sketches!

  7. Quilt Knit Says:

    I Hope this went the way you wanted. I do my own sketch crawls-- all by myself. I am planning one for my trip to Turkey. Have pencil and paper to go.
    I know you will be giving us great updates.

    ((( Circle of Hugs )))

    Sherrie Roberts

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