Memory Lane entry no. 1

Monday, January 19, 2009 at 12:51 PM

I have been going down memory lane this morning.  I found all my old diaries; beginning with 1971 ( I was 14 years old).  1971 was recorded daily in handmade booklets I made from notebook paper.  Each month had a different cover.  Most ordinary but a couple are a glimpse into who I am now and how I sketch.  
On this first cover,  January 1971, I just used florescent neon poster paint to embellish the cover.  Remember neon poster paints?????  My entry for January 19, 1971 mentions me waiting for the mail to arrive (snail mail) in anticipation of birthday cards for my birthday in 2 days.  I make a reference to school being 'un-cool' that day and my thoughts on attending a P.O.W. assembly: they made me feel depressed.   Skipping to my birthday entry I find that I got a total of $18.00 in birthday money and 18 'Blue Chip Stamp' books which I could
 redeem for a radio I wanted!!!!  Is that not too cool!!!!


  1. laura Says:

    Yes, and it's also "so cool" that you made--and kept--these diaries. I can only imagine the person I was in 1971--wish I had some "evidence" of some kind! Love your HS ID photo too: what a sweet face, so 70s! (I was 12 in '71.)

  2. Joan Says:

    How fun that you kept the diaries and can look back!!! Neon was a big thing then!

  3. Hi Marta! It was your birthday yesterday for what i read! Feliz cumpleaños!!!! Better late than never... Espero que hayas pasado un muy, muy lindo día. Un beso grande, Martín.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How cool! That's so great that you not only made your diaries and decorated, but that you still have them! Your photo is adorable!

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