Pony Ride-a

Monday, January 12, 2009 at 9:21 PM

Pony Ride-a, originally uploaded by martasart.

This is a full page spread in my moleskine wc sketchbook. Aidan didn't say a word but I could see the worried look on his face thinking he might have to ride that big pony! Aidan is 2 years old and I love him to pieces!


  1. Sandy Says:

    Aiden is Adorable, and definitely wary of that pony !!! Your sketches from the crawl are fun filled and I can tell it was a great day. Ahhh to have a 70 degree day would be nice right about now. And your Oils are simply stupendous, you took to that like a duck to water (er Oil that is).

  2. His expression is precious you captured it well.
    It was so nice at the SketchCrawl with everyone. Hope to see you again at the next one.

  3. Deborah Says:

    Marta, this is so precious. What a fun day you must have had.

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