Close Knit

Friday, November 23, 2007 at 7:26 PM
This morning my sister and I went to check out a new yarn shop in town.  After making our yarn choices, our Annie helped the owner wind our skeins into balls using some sort of yarn winding contraption.  While she was diligently spinning the crank I sat in a corner and sketched these two women who were there for some knitting and instruction.  I bought beautiful sock yarn that one day will find itself on my feet!

Closeknit, Riverside, California
moleskine, fountain pen with waterproof noodler's ink and watercolor


  1. I used to knit when the girls were little, but I don't thik I even know how tho hold the needles any more! A nice colourful sketch, just the thing I need for a greay day like we have today..your chairs are great.

  2. There is NOTHING better than a yarn store on a gloomy or dreary day. Knitters are Knice is my theory. And your store is a good one if it winds your yarn rather than insisting on SELLING you a swift and a winder!! (My LYS wound 13 skeins for me yesterday. It is definitely knitting season.) Enjoy making the socks.

  3. Ujwala Says:

    looks like a great store. I've only knitted once before and that too with lots of help to make little squares to stitch into a blanket. Your post has me wanting to find a speciality store to buy nice soft red wool for socks and then knit them for myself!

  4. Sandy Says:

    what a happy colorful sketch.


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