Lipstick on Coffee Mug

Saturday, November 24, 2007 at 9:18 AM
I am usually on the pale side so first thing after getting up in the mornings I dab on some lipstick. As a result I always know which cup is mine when we are sipping our morning coffee. This morning I am feeling tense. Amy is far away in Indiana for the weekend with her boyfriend and his family and Rudy is working all weekend. I see on the morning news that the fires have begun again in Malibu, CA. He works in Long Beach, Ca. but until he comes home on Monday I will be on edge. The boys have their own agendas and so I find myself alone all weekend. I keep thinking I should have just picked up and taken off Tahoe!!! LOL. Dianne has invited me to come hang out with her while she decorates her home for Christmas (I have no desire to do my home yet) and to join her family for their Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow. I might just do that. For today I still haven't figured it out. But I did play some more with my new Lamy pen and the Noodler's ink this morning while sipping my morning coffee. I hope everyone else is having a better day.

lipstick and coffee copy


  1. laureline Says:

    Sorry you're having a hard time this weekend, Marta. I hope today is better than yesterday and that that everyone comes home safe and sound. Your coffee mug sketch is charming, in spite of everything!

  2. Ujwala Says:

    I hope all is well. Your sketch looks great.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Beautiful cup..what's a namy pen...
    that intrigues me....


    hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


  4. Claudia Says:

    Hola Martita,
    gracias por tus amables comentarios! Me gustaría también encontrarte un día y dibujar juntos!
    El dibujo de la taza es muy bonito.
    Espero que todos tus queridos regresen salvos y sanos!

  5. Quilt Knit Says:

    Marta: so sorry you are having an unhappy weekend. I feel for you. But a Lamy pen! Such joy! to sketch with. I have two Reto 51s, a Parker Fountain Pen, and two Cross fountain Pens. I love writing and sketching with all of them. Pen City is having a Christmas special on Lamy Fountain Pens and I just ordered myself one. Pretty soon I will have more pens than fingers. Now, all I have to do is develop straps to hold them on. Then how many sketch books do I need?
    I am on vacation and my Son who is here, is working 10 hour days for the Holidays.. He works for Apple and that store stays busier than a bee hive. I am boiling water for tea and will pull out a couple of pens. Cheer up! I am sure all will be fine. Sorry, your family is not around at such a festive time. I am pulling out the Christmas decos. I went for years without a Tree or a light in the window. I had to live for years in rooms here in the Northeast. It was not the fun they talk about.
    One Landlady gave my IBC Rootbeer to the workers.
    She replaced My IBC Rootbeer with cheap grocery store generic. UGH!!!! She said IBC Rootbeer was tooo expensive. But she fed it to those Plumbers.
    yeah! so what - I am still steamed at being giving a cheap generic and a lecture on cost. My son fights me over the Beer!

    ((( Circle of Hugs )))


  6. Marta, I hope you're feeling better now! I love your sketch - never used a Lamy pen, but now you're tempting me. I finally used your beautiful sketchbook - it's an absolute joy.

  7. martha Says:

    Things are looking up I trust - hope so!

    What a great, expressive sketch - that pen is a good fit for you! I love green and pink combo too.

  8. I love this mug and the lipstick "tache" gives it great character. This will make a beautiful "little card'(I can't remember the name...moon cards?)Now why don't you do alittle series of mugs and cups, if only then for lift you a little out of this mood and get your focus on the paper. I've read your posts actually the wrong way round, starting at the maybe you are feeling your old self again, but humor me and do the series...this coffee mug is really nice and it would be great seeing more like this!

  9. Robyn Says:

    Sorry to hear you've been doing it tough, Marta. And I'm so sad on your behalf that things obviously got a lot worse with the loss of your young friend. There are never words enough to comfort.

    You are making lovely confident lines with that pen. It was a good choice for you.

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