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Friday, November 9, 2007 at 1:41 PM

Some people get it from the world outside with it's abundance of beauty both in nature and man made. Others by their faith or religious practices which inspire their creativity. Some get it from what they read and see on their computer screens while sitting and sipping coffee on chilly mornings; perusing all the wonderful art blogs in cyberspace.
This was the morning for me. From the burst of colour in Robyn's newest painting to Gabi's must return books to the library making me think I should run over and check out some art books. The contagious urge of Ronell's coffee cups in beautiful shades of greys, blues and bright colour. Jana's orange background in her latest post...wow! Sandy's view of the pantheon with which she somehow fit the roundness of the dome into her square challenge. And Sharon who I'm getting to know through her beautiful art who used coffee as paint for her latest post! I wonder, did she intend to or did she as I do at times, dip the brush into the coffee or wine glass instead of the water glass? Finally Martin's example of any cheap computer paper will do....reminding me that art is a creative journey; discovery the process......something I forget all too often when I focus more on that perfect colour or watercolour paper. Thank YOU ALL. At times I feel I am stagnant and am not moving forward, but the constant inspiration and friendship from all of my blogging art friends is something I treasure ......All of you a gift to me.


  1. I hope the jet lag has been worked/painted/spa'd off by now! You're right, art is a constant discovering porcess, something I also forgtet too often. So reading it here in black and white is a reminder that it shouldn't be perfect, it should be fun! Thank YOU for your inspiration!
    PS: thanks for the mention..

  2. you're an inspiration too! gracias!

  3. Robyn Says:

    Couldn't have put it better myself. So nice you took the time to express your feelings, Marta. I can't imagine life without my art blogging friends. And as always many, many thanks for your generous comments and regular visits to my blog.

  4. Marta! You're such an inspiration too, not only as an artist but as a person too, I've told you this already, I admire your braveness to deal with your work everyday. I still keep on fascinated by your sketches from your trip. Thank you so much for always being there my friend!!! Besooooos.

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