Spinning My Wheels

Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 6:53 PM
Yesterday I woke up in a strange mood. I had the whole weekend off but hadn't made any plans. I thought of going to the farmer's market, maybe to even sketch there, but didn't want to go alone. I needed some serious work in the kitchen, tidying up and rearranging...but didn't feel like doing that either. A walk perhaps or the gym perhaps? Those 6 lbs I lost in Europe are going to find themselves back on me if I don't watch it! I was spinning my wheels.

I noticed Dianne online and gave her a call. She invited me to come along with her and her family to the opening reception of the Visions Art Quilt Exhibit in San Diego where one of her beautiful quilts was juried in. So, I went. I had a great time.! Another of our friends joined us there also. It was a fun evening and I was glad I'd gone along. She's a wonderful artist but more so, a very good friend.

While waiting for her to pick me up I drew these two random sketches in my neglected Moleskine watercolour book and added color to them this evening.....after spending the day cleaning and rearranging the kitchen....oh, and baking 2 loafs of pumpkin bread...the house smells yummy!!!! But no exercising today :(


purse (pg1) EDM#3 purse-2


  1. Your time was better spent drawing than exercising - all those death walks gave you enough exercise, didn't they? I really love the sofa - great job!

  2. Robyn Says:

    Excellent sketching and painting of your love seat, Marta. And I see that new Italian handbag is a love match. So lovely to savour foreign purchases long after a trip is over.

  3. Linda Says:

    So glad to see that you're home safely and still drawing up a storm! ;-) It's nice to have you back...

  4. this couch looks so comfy...you've sketched an invitation here - to curl up with a blanket!

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