Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 8:29 PM
Today life found me at the gym early to get in a workout. Then it found me window shopping at one of my favorite outdoor shopping malls where I drooled over the apple iMac computers. The day was gloriously warm and clear...sunshine and blue sky. I love when I can see the mountains looming grand above the horizon. Then, life found me at the computer doing a little online shopping and bidding on ebay (for a bread machine). I struggled to read the computer screen and then just went to the apple site and ordered a new 20inch by Monday it should be on my doorstep and I'll have to hook it up and learn to use it! I'm so excited!!!!!! I also ordered a Lamy Safari fountain pen with a converter and a bottle of ink for sketching....that should arrive next week too! You would think this was enough for one day.....No, I still had energy to go with Dianne to the life drawing session at the Riverside Art Museum tonight.....first stopping at Las Campanas for margaritas and bite to eat! Now, this was a great day!

November2007 001

charcoal on plain drawing paper


  1. I was waiting for you figure drawing class last night...! And I just knew it would go along with a sangria(I thought...)
    Great sketch, nice use of your charcoal. And nice stuff arriving at your door soon...!
    BTW: I'm leaving for Stockholm tomorrow for 3 days and I'm going to fill my book you gave me with Stockholm very excited to start the first sketch in my new book!

  2. Sharon Says:

    Any day one orders a new Mac computer is a good day indeed. Add to that the addition of new art supplies and the day gets even better! The charcoal on tinted paper is lovely, Marta.

  3. Your life is charmed, Marta. I can't chase that image of you and Dianne sipping Margaritas under the palm trees as I scrape frost off my windshield! And you did a wonderful job at your life class despite (or because of,) the margaritas!

  4. Lin Says:

    SUCH A BEAUTIFUL JOB, Marta!! So very grace-filled!

  5. Linda Says:

    Now THAT sounds like a perfect day. A 20" iMac? Cooool.

  6. Robyn Says:

    A life class, a new Mac and a Lamy fountain pen - is it Christmas in California already?! Enjoy, Marta. I'm way overdue for a new Mac and remember I was looking for a Lamy pen that day we had in Florence. Santa must know I haven't been very good this year!

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